My Sister’s Kids Broke My iPad Pro Over Christmas: Am I a Jerk For Threatening to Sue?

What would you do if your relative’s kids broke your iPad? One man didn’t have such a jolly holiday after his sister’s children, ages 4, 6 and 8, broke the iPad Pro that he uses for work while they were all staying together for the holidays.

The original poster (OP), who wrote in to Reddit for advice, was understandably upset that his expensive device was “shattered,” but he got even more enraged when he learned that his sister had given the kids the iPad to play with.

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My Sister's Kids Broke My iPad Pro Over Christmas: Am I a Jerk For Threatening to Sue?
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“I obviously started yelling at her, and asked her how she could be so obtuse as to let her kids play with my stuff without asking. She called me selfish,” the original poster wrote on Reddit. His sister told him that he should share with them because they’re his nieces and nephews.

While his dad tried giving him a different iPad as a replacement, it didn’t measure up to the iPad Pro he had spent months saving for. He asked his sister for the money to replace the iPad that was broken, as well as the money he wouldn’t get from the job he wasn’t able to complete. All told, it was about $2,200, he wrote.

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As you can imagine, the request didn’t go over well with the sister.

“She tried to call me heartless, and told me to think of my niece and nephew. I told her to go f**k herself, if she was a better mother she’d have more than 2k saved up when she has three kids,” he wrote, “My parents think I’m overreacting, but I don’t. She is trying to avoid me and not speak to me, and I told her that I would be suing her then for the full cost of my iPad and lost wages.”

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The Reddit community agreed that the OP was “not the a**hole,” though some felt that some of the comments he made in the heat of the moment weren’t very nice.

“If she’d apologized I’d say not to sue her, but she didn’t and is acting furious that not everything is free for her precious baybees to destroy,” one person wrote.

“Generally, not a good idea to hand a child something expensive unless you’re Bill Gates and can easily just buy a new one immediately,” another wrote.

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Some commenters pointed out that his sister didn’t show him any respect by using the iPad in the first place without permission so he was right to blow up at her after hearing that it broke.

“I don’t understand why you should have to be so considerate of her when she was so inconsiderate of you,” one wrote.

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Bottom line: “She had no right to let her kids play with your stuff without asking. If she thought she could do that, she also needs to face the consequences.”

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