Anders Jungling: Parents Lose 'Miracle Twin' Who Died Napping in Car Seat at Daycare

Parents Lose ‘Miracle Twin’ Who Died Napping in Car Seat at Daycare

Our hearts go out to one couple in Mandan, North Dakota who experienced a tragic loss. After seven years of infertility, Rachel and Ryne Jungling were thrilled to learn that they were expecting twins in 2017. Rachel gave birth to the beautiful babies, Anders and Linnea. Just 11 months later a heartbreaking tragedy occurred when baby boy Anders suddenly passed away while napping in his car seat. 

Should I use a bassinet or crib with a newborn?

I’m ~25 weeks along with my second baby, and with my first i didn’t use a bassinet or anything, he went straight into the crib Now he’ll be a month from being 2 when this one’s born and theyre gonna be sharing a room. Now i know the whole “babys supposed to be” blah blah blah, i don’t always follow that stuff, obviously lol Im wondering if other mamas think i should get a bassinet and have the new baby in my room for a little while until theyre ready to be transitioned to a crib? Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.