Stress Relief Alert: 13 Slime ASMR Videos To Soothe the Soul

Stress Relief Alert: 13 Slime ASMR Videos To Soothe the Soul

It’s slime time, baby!

Look, in these stressful times, we all need things to calm us down. Some people prefer baking, while others enjoy a weekly Zoom happy hour with friends.

In yet another category are those who enjoy ASMR videos (that’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for those not in the know). We dug through the internet to find the most compelling slime ASMR videos to take down your blood pressure a bit. 

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13 ASMR Slime Videos to Soothe the Soul

Who knew watching Halloween slime get made would be so soothing? 

So calming, it’s scary.

Want to get my hands on some of that crunchy stuff. 

It’s the new stress ball. 

A new way of using packaging peanuts. 

So satisfying. 

This kind of feels like watching someone knead dough. 

But is so much better. 

Lean green slime machine. 

Like a relaxing alien invasion.

Kind of like watching an ice cream cone melt.

But what happened to that M&M? 

This blue is so calming. 

It’s all about the texture.

This kind of looks like a bowl of cereal gone wrong.

Or has it gone very, very right.

Bejeweled beauty. 

Love watching the glittery glob.

It starts off looking like a perfectly shaped roll.

But ends up being much more satisfying than carbs.

A new use for rosebuds.

The texture is oh-so-satisfying.

The cute little bunny really makes this one.

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And all that stretching.

Beautiful blue.

Like watching a beautiful taffy being made.

We hope you found these ASMR videos relaxing. The next time you’re fretting over the election, COVID, or the general state of the world, we recommend searing “ASMR videos” to find your next stress reliever.

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