25 Small Ankle Tattoo Ideas for the Perfect Dainty Detail

If you want to add a little pep to your step, consider getting a trendy ankle tattoo. The ankle has long been a popular location for tattoos because the area is easy to conceal if you need to do so for work or other settings. Getting a dainty ankle tattoo is red hot at the moment and it seems like just about everyone is loving their little piece of skin art.

From micro tattoos to more sizeable options, the possibilities for your tattoo are endless. We decided to take a look at some of the smaller tattoos that people are getting on their ankle to help inspire you. As you might imagine, tattoos inspired by nature and wildlife are the most popular but feel free to go against the grain and get something a bit wilder if that’s your style. Here are 25 small ankle tattoo ideas to help inspire your next tat.

Lil Geranium

The natural world truly offers the most impressive inspiration for tattoos. This very small tattoo of geranium flowers is super delicate and would be a welcome option for someone looking for just a touch of color.

Lil Chick

This very silly micro chick tattoo is not going to be for everyone. Designs like this are great options for playful individuals who aren’t taking themselves too seriously.

Micro Leaf

Wow! This micro leaf tattoo is about the same size as a fingernail. If you’re not looking to go over the top, consider something similar.

Subtle Snake

This is one of the largest tattoos on this list and it’s going to be too big for some, but we loved the detail here so much we felt compelled to share it. Simple black and grey inks are often best!


This very sharp and tidy tattoo of a butterfly would make for an excellent ankle tattoo. If you prefer to live life with a little more variety, consider getting something similar brightened up with your favorite colors.

White Hot Flame

White ink tattoos are a megatrend in the word of tattooing now. These tattoos fade over time and there are some setbacks, but this white flame proves it’s worth the trouble to try some white ink.

Unalome Goodness

The unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture. The spirals are meant to symbolize the twists and turns in life, and the straight lines the moment one reaches enlightenment or peace and harmony. The perfect choice for an ankle tat!


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Wear your pride! This rainbow column is gorgeous and it doesn’t take up too much space. We love the way the colors blend slightly, giving an ombre effect.


If there’s one thing we know about bike people, it’s that they are dedicated to telling that they’re bike people. This wheel tattoo is a perfect choice for someone looking to sport a little bicycle love.


Ghosts aren’t just for Halloween! This adorable little spirit is the perfect size tattoo for the ankle.

Maple Leaves

Wow! These richly colored maple leaves make us crave pancakes! Take a look at those very fine lines used to create the shapes inside the leaves. Impressive!

Bee Mine

Um. How is this tattoo even real? The detail here in such a tiny tat is a wonder to behold.

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We See You

This cutesie illustrative eye is done in simple black ink with no shading. We love designs that look like symbols. This is so simple and fun!

Lotus Love

Do you like all of the tiny dots used to shade and shape this lotus design. Lotus tattoos are extremely popular and this small one on the ankle is a beauty.

Sing Your Song

Calling all music lovers! This extremely romantic tattoo of a treble clef composed of roses is pure magic. If you’re a musician or someone who just thoroughly loves music, consider a tattoo like this.

For Her Son

Moms are the best! This “Navy Mom” has gotten a sailor-style tattoo for her son who had recently joined the Navy. Well done.

Do the Dinosaur

Ah! These two dinosaurs are so precious! Minimal tattoos work very well if you’re looking to get a small tattoo. These dinos are so cute!


If you want your tattoo to razzle-dazzle, go ahead and get some sparkle. Simple lines and a touch of white ink are all this look takes.

Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed

This very precise micro squirrel is such a doll. If you’re an animal lover, consider getting your favorite furry friend as a tattoo.

Another Mini Leaf

The color selection for this tattoo of a branch is magnificent. We love the way the shape of the design mirrors the curve of the ankle.


We tried to coin the term “cattoo” and make it a thing, but it hasn’t taken off yet… We love a cat tattoo and this black and white design is so special.

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A Bean!

If we had heard about this bean tattoo before we saw it, we would never believe it could work. This very cute tattoo of a bean totally works. The person who shared it explained that it was completed manually as a stick and poke.


We keep seeing teeth tattoos everywhere! We’re not mad about it, it’s just an observation. This very clean and neat molar is a fine example.

Go Wild!

We have no idea what this is, but we love it! We think it’s a stormcloud with faces? We love the very interesting choice in colors. Again, this one is not going to be the right size for many, but if you can go bigger, the possibilities broaden as well.

There you go! 25 small ankle tattoos that are super fun and the perfect, dainty surprise. We hope you feel inspired to get your own ink!

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