So True! One Mom Compares Today’s Music to 90s Music and ‘Let’s Just Have Fun’

One mom is cracking up parents everywhere with her honest comparison between today’s music and music of the 90s.

The clip starts off with her listening to Cardi B‘s hit WAP, saying: “Today’s music is just so inappropriate.”

So True! One Mom Compares Today's Music to 90s Music and 'Let's Just Have Fun'
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She then cuts away to “herself” in the past and “from the 90s” — who then proceeds to take “future her” on a tour of all the 90s hits we now and love today.

People were absolutely loving the comparison sharing their own thoughts on both today’s music as well as music from the past few years.

One user commented: “For the first time in like a million years I had something other than NPR on and there was a song on and I thought, “wtf!? I can’t believe this is allowed.” there was no innuendo…it was pretty dang obvious what they were talking about. But then I remembered the song about feeling a “little poke come through” and I remembered there is always inappropriate music.”

So True! One Mom Compares Today's Music to 90s Music and 'Let's Just Have Fun'
Image via Facebook

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“When I was a young kid I LOVED Def Leppard’s song Pour Some Sugar on Me. I was horrified when I heard it as an adult and realized what it meant. My parents let me sing that song in public,” another person commented.

While others drew their own comparisons…

While another said: “Difference is 90s used innuendos and didn’t just blatantly come out with it. When you think of how often 90s songs got bleeped out on the radio vs today… I feel like 90% of songs today, you hear every 3rd word, if that.”

Salt-N-Pepa was TOTALLY talking about pushing your limits.

Posted by The Holderness Family on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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Followed by: “I’m a little older and the early 80s music was crazy! I would be belting out at the top of my lungs and then see my mother cringing at the lyrics. Oh well.”

And last but certainly not least, THIS comment: “I think everyone can identify with the horror as a parent when you realize the songs you belted out as a kid weren’t as clean as you thought.”

What do YOU think? Be sure to watch and comment!

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