So You Think You Know The Real Elsa Patton? Wrong!

Hold on to your seats, because most of what you know of Elsa Patton, the real star of the Real Housewives of Miami, is beyond wrong.

First off, she is, allegedly, a witch! A few years back, Patton correctly predicted that Andy Cohen of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live is incapable of loving another person after reading his aura – YIKES!

So You Think You Know The Real Elsa Patton? Wrong!

Second? She loves to drink! Recently, she had a run-in with the law and got a DUI. In addition, she did get drunk on camera.

Last but not least, her lips are fake! Can you believe it?

Elsa Patton starred in 17 episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami. And from her first appearance, it was clear that Elsa Patton had received lots of plastic surgery in her life. On the show and through Marysol’s Instagram page, several photos of Elsa in her younger years show quite a different person.

And while Elsa loved her plastic surgery, she didn’t always love the result.

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At one point, Patton referred to her surgeon only as “the man who ruined my face” after receiving botched surgery. However, her transformation is something Elsa has chosen not to speak too much about. It was actually her daughter Marysol who once revealed some details of what “Mama Elsa” had done.

She said that her mother had her eyelids done in the 1980s, which caused her to have “hematomas on her eyes for like three years.”

At the same time, two plastic surgeon specialists have spoken out about Elsa Patton’s procedures, and they did not have good things to say. Facial Plastic Surgeon Benjamin C. Stong of the Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, said that there is “possibly no worse case of plastic surgery gone wrong” than that of Elsa’s. He added that it’s “almost hard to even imagine” what she looked like before her surgeries.

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While another expert – double-board certified surgeon Dr. Farrior in Tampa, Florida – stated that the situation with Elsa is nothing but a “tragedy” in judgment, ethics, and technique.

“Chances are that she did not do it to herself but was able to convince someone to do it to her. That is where it should have stopped,” Dr. Farrior wrote, adding that the surgeon in question had the responsibility to refuse further surgery.

“The real mistake was the choice she made for a provider because they did not say NO,” he wrote.

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