social media slams mom for 'abusive' baby food she creates

Social Media Slams Mom For ‘Abusive’ Baby Food She Creates For 13-Month-Old

Grace Walters grew up in the Congo prior to moving to New York — so when she began cooking for her 13-month-old daughter, Zuri, she decided to make her African and Caribbean-inspired recipes she loved as a child.

But when the mom, 31, shared her cooking roots to TikTok, she received an overwhelming amount of backlash for feeding her daughter the home-cooked meals from the heart.

social media slams mom for 'abusive' baby food she creates
Image via TikTok

And while the criticism continues to mount online, she is speaking out to raise awareness about those who harshly judge other cultures.

Walters is a stay-at-home mom to 13-month-old Zuri and regularly shares parenting tips as well as cooking and cleaning tutorials on her TikTok page. She receives a lot of criticism for what she prepares.

“Where I come from we don’t have baby food in containers and jars,” the mom, who goes by @Texykitchen1 on TikTok shared with Today.

social media slams mom for 'abusive' baby food she creates
Image via TikTok

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“I’m giving Zuri what my mother gave me,” she went on. “She likes curry. She likes lamb. She likes Jamaican food too.”

“It hurt my feelings a lot in the beginning,” Walters admitted to Today. She urges how she is “not doing anything wrong.”

Today spoke with Dr. Tobi Amosun and she couldn’t agree with Walters more.

social media slams mom for 'abusive' baby food she creates
Image via TikTok

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Amosun, A primary care pediatrician and medical director in Nashville, Tennessee, reveals how she limits a child’s dietary options.

“The only food I limit before a child is a year old is honey because of botulism, and milk because they don’t need it,” she said.

“I don’t give kids food restrictions after a year as long as they don’t have food allergies,” she added.

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