Actress Sonequa Martin-Green, Mom of 2, Opens Up About the Adventure of Parenting

Sonequa Martin-Green, star of Star Trek: Discovery and Space Jam: A New Legacy, opened up this week in an interview with Parents Magazine. The actress has two children, 6-year-old Kenric and 11-month-old Saraiyah.

Sonequa Martin-Green talked about her struggles as a parent.

When Parents asked about her recent parenting fail, Sonequa Martin-Green shared a relatable story. “I exclusively breastfeed my daughter, Saraiyah, who turns 1 in July. Well, I recently went too many days without drinking enough water, and my production took a big hit. It can be rectified, but it’s a very involved, multistep process. Sigh. Where’s my gallon jug and my tinctures?”

She also admitted that a main point of struggle for her is her “phone! I wanna cut the time it’s in hand around my children by half. More than half! My son sees me struggle with electronics, which unfortunately is often.”

But, like most moms, the hardest part of her day is “leaving for work. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love and show my children an example of following your dreams, but leaving them is still hard, every time.”

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The actress opened up about the adventures in spending time with her kids.

Sonequa Martin-Green revealed that her favorite time of day is “dinnertime,” because, “my son and I have our best conversations. With my daughter, bathtime and all the moments afterward before bed are such sweet bonding time.”

Even at six, her son is a pretty healthy eater. His favorite meal is “Rice and broccoli; it’s his jam. Gloriously dependable.” But that doesn’t mean he’ll eat everything. “I made a chickpea salad one time that my son tried and said, “Um … I don’t really like this very much.”

Sonequa Martin-Green is very close with her son. “When my son, Kenric, was younger, he used to ask all the time if he could marry me. I met him with love for feeling that way but also gently explained why it’s not possible. I thought those days were over, but he recently said over dinner, ‘I think when I grow up, I’ll marry you, Mommy.’ He’s 6, and I’m a puddle on the floor.”

Her greatest strength as a parent is her “imagination. I go pretty hard on creating worlds, characters, and adventures and finding new and exciting things to do and engage in while we play together.” And she loves it when her “son is glued to my side and we’re laid out belly laughing. And if I make my daughter laugh, it’s such a win.”

“Kenric got my enthusiasm,” Sonequa Martin-Green revealed when asked what her kids got from her. “I’m excited to see what Saraiyah’s gotten from me as she gets older. For now, I’ll say her eyes. They’re blue, which is incredibly unique for a Black person, and I believe I passed them down to her from my maternal grandfather.”

It’s not all great though. The actress explained that “my son doesn’t always know when a joke is done. Definitely got that from me! My daughter shows signs of being impatient with objects when they don’t operate the way she wants them to, and I think, ‘Daughter, I’m so sorry.’”

Her strongest quality as a parent? “How I communicate my children’s value and build their self-esteem” But it’s not like she’s perfect. What is she still figuring out? “Uh, everything else?”

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