Sophia Grace Opens Up About Giving Birth for the First Time: “It Didn’t Go As Planned”

For the past nine months, Sophia Grace has been uploading weekly YouTube videos as she gave fans frequent updates on her pregnancy journey, but those videos came to a screeching halt nearly three weeks ago. Don’t worry; he had a good reason for her hiatus as she finally welcomed her first child. 

Sophia gave birth to her son on February 26 and revealed the news to her Instagram followers on March 5, sharing a photo of her son’s tiny fingers clenched around his mother’s ring finger. That was the last we heard from Sophia Grace as she entered motherhood for the first time – which is no easy task. 

On March 18, she finally broke her silence and uploaded a new video to YouTube – she titled it ‘MY BIRTH STORY.’ In the description, she explained that it has been difficult to share updates as she assimilates into her new lifestyle, but she looks forward to sharing more updates in the near future. 

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She opened the video by sharing her excitement over being a new mother now – adding that it still feels a little weird to say that, but she’s so happy and grateful to have her son. She said she wanted to make the video to explain her personal childbirth experience ‘because it didn’t go as planned as I thought it would.’ 

She recalls waking up with stomach cramps at 3 a.m. but didn’t think she was going into labor – adding that her mother was skeptical, too. As the pain continued (and progressed), she called her midwife to get her thoughts, but there was still doubt – that is, until her contractions started to appear more frequently.

“I hadn’t felt anything like it to be honest. I knew I was in labor at that point, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is quite scary because it is not like the pain that I imagined it to be,’” she said in the video. By the time she got to the hospital, she was already dilated 3 cm, and there was no doubt that the baby was on his way. 

She ended up taking several medications to relieve the pain, but they weren’t helping much – describing it as ‘the worst pain of my life.’ With her contractions worsening, she decided to get an epidural, which was ‘the best thing I’ve ever done.’ She began to push but ran into some complications after about two hours. 

Sophia Grace Was Left With Two Options

After two hours of pushing, Sophia Grace was exhausted, and her baby was in a difficult position. Her doctors gave her two options – move forward with a C-section or use forceps. Unfortunately, those two options were narrowed down to just one – a C-section – when the baby was located too high for forceps.

“One of my biggest fears is being put to sleep with general anesthetic … I really don’t like the feeling of being out of control,” she said, which is why she elected to move forward with the C-section without being put under anesthesia. She was awake during the process, with her longtime boyfriend right by her side. 

It only took about 10 minutes before the baby arrived. “I heard (my baby) cry, and then I cried because I couldn’t believe that I had my own baby. It was just so surreal,” she said of the moment. He was then treated for meconium, but she finally got to meet her baby when her boyfriend returned with their son.

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Sophie Grace described the entire experience as ‘amazing,’ even though it was one of the most difficult things she has ever done. “I got to meet my baby that I’d carried for a very, very long time, and it was just like I imagined. I knew I was going to cry,” she said. You can watch the entire 22-minute video here.

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