Starbucks Mermaid Logo Reimagined as Beloved Disney Characters

Disney fans will lose their minds over this brand mashup. The @doughtycreartive Instagram account has blown up after an artist reimagined the iconic Starbuck’s mermaid logo into some of the best Disney characters. You’ll notice a similar style green with wavy lines going through, but instead of the mermaid, the artist has illustrated your favorite Disney cartoons.

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Who needs a mermaid when you can get Ursula?

What do you think of Ursula now? Could she have a sip of that pumpkin spice latte? Little Mermaid fans will love this reimaging complete with her moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam!

Okay, so there’s an Ariel version too!

How cute would Ariel look on your morning cup of coffee? As the artist describes in the caption, you could be drinking a “princess roast.”

Are there any big fans of Disney Castle out there?

This is truly a beautiful illustration of one of the most famed castles on Earth, Disney Castle. The parallel lines almost make the castle look like it’s being reflected in a pool of water.

Are you a bit of a beast before your morning cup of joe?

Look at Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She’s stunning! We especially love the rose details that make this design pop.

You might not describe yourself as a beast, but how about an evil queen?

The villains are always the most interesting characters! This drawing of the Evil Queen from Snow White is a perfect representation of many of us on our morning trip to Starbucks. Check out those poison apples.

Awwww. The grumpy old man from Up.

Carl from Up could use a little… pick me up. Someone get this man a frappucino.

Look at the Genie from Aladdin, would you rub that lamp?

In the morning most of us want three wishes granted. One, more sleep. Two, more coffee. Three, an old-fashioned glazed donut from Starbucks.

If you love Disney characters and coffee as much as the rest of us, you need to follow Doughty CreARTive on Instagram. The artist behind the account, Ursula Doughty has so many great designs. And, they’re not only limited to Disney characters. She has a lot of fun with all sorts of fan favorites like Harry Potter!

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