A Recent Study Shows Breast Milk Contains Cancer-Killing Protein

We’ve all heard all about the magical powers of breast milk, but now we’re learning that it can maybe even take down cancer. 

According to a new study, breast milk contains anti-cancer properties and researchers are excited about what this could mean for the future of cancer treatment. 

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Could a protein found in breast milk help kill cancer cells?

a recent study shows breast milk contains cancer-killing protein

The clinical trial held in Prague, Czech Republic looked at what happened when 40 patients with bladder cancer were given six doses of medication synthesized from alpha-lactalbumin, a protein found in human breast milk. 

The drug is called Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells, or Hamlet for short. 

The experimental medication was administered via catheter before the patients underwent surgery. Patients who were given the drug were found to have passed cancer cells from dissolved tumors.

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a recent study shows breast milk contains cancer-killing protein

The test proves that Hamlet has the ability to target specific tumors with virtually no side effects and leaves healthy, adjacent cells unharmed. Studies now show that Hamlet has the ability to kill over 40 types of cancer cells in a laboratory setting. 

“The results inspire us to continue the efforts making Alpha1H available to cancer patients,” said Lund University Professor Catharina Svanborg

The hope is that Hamlet could be a more gentle and effective alternative to treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation. 

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a recent study shows breast milk contains cancer-killing protein

“If efficacy can be combined with a lack of toxicity, it is possible that this treatment can be used both as prevention and therapy,” added Professor Svanborg. The vision would be to make it available worldwide, to patients who are susceptible to certain cancers or who suffer from tumors that can be reached and treated with this substance.”

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