25 Subdermal Implants That Range from ‘Okay’ to ‘WTF?’

If you’re the type of person who wants a shape or stud shoved under your skin, we’re in awe of your bravery. Subdermal implants are currently having a moment. These implants are generally anchors for jewelry or sculpted silicone that give the skin a raised appearance and, after time, a defined shape underneath. While we don’t see the appeal, we’re not saying people shouldn’t live their best lives! Do you, girl.

Unlike tattoos, subdermal objects are body art in 3-D form and offer a completely different effect. These objects come in all shapes and sizes and can be formed into just about any shape a person would like. Let’s take a look at both the subtle implant and the extreme. Consider yourself forewarned, some of these are rather brutal in appearance. Here are 25 subdermal implants that will certainly get under your skin.

Bedazzled a Bit

Instagram Image
@marilynblxc (Source)

Okay. This isn’t so bad. These studs on the face are achieved by an implant that acts as an anchor for the jewelry to attach to.

That’s Fine

Instagram Image
@piercingsbydusa (Source)

A little cheek bling never hurt anyone, right? Here, we find a freshly implanted anchor with a shiny diamond attached. Really, this is fine!

A Touch of Sparkle

Instagram Image
@cigno.sg (Source)

These subdermal lip piercings look like a pain, but it could be much worse, we assure you. Cheers to that champagne-pink hair!


Instagram Image
@russfoxx (Source)

Okay, we’re getting into more intense territory. These ear bangers are fairly popular as far as implants go. This paw looks uncanny. But, it could get more sinister.

Got It

Instagram Image
@abraxas_tattoo_run (Source)

These power button silicone implants are another popular choice. You’ll find people with them in the ears, on their hands and… elsewhere.


Instagram Image
@anacutzi (Source)

Now, here’s where we start to draw the line between our understanding of the world and other people’s perceptions. Why horns? Live your life, but we don’t fully get this decision.

Live and Let Live

Instagram Image
@george_kosmetatos (Source)

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time,” Maya Angelou warned us. This person literally has “freak” tattooed on his forehead between two implanted horns. We’re not messing around any more.

A Trend?

Instagram Image
@modsbody (Source)

Okay. Is everyone out here just getting horns? Why are all these people so thirsty for a horn?

‘Alien Hands’

Instagram Image
@spacepoes (Source)

“My alien hands are 2 years old today!” the person with ‘alien hands’ shared along with this image. What sort of attention are you trying to draw with this endeavor?


Instagram Image
@binhobarduzzi (Source)

You know, at least it’s a heart. The tattoo around this implant makes it stand out even more. Every single time we see one of these implants on the back of a hand all of the ways to injure it flash through our minds. These things have to bump, slide, snag, scrape, and any other verb into just about everything.


Instagram Image
@mutant_man_official (Source)

There’s a lot of implanting here and we think the horns or the forehead piercings are the worst part. This individual has blacked out their face, which seems problematic. If you’d like to take a moment and catch your breath, we encourage you to do so!


Instagram Image
@monasterio.tattoo (Source)

Why have one horn when you can have eight? These rows of horns were a choice. Also, is it a prerequisite to have the whites of the eyes inked with sclera tattoos? Implants and altered eye whites seem to go hand in hand.


Instagram Image
@andrenalinbodyart (Source)

We would like to take a short pause to die. Please stand by.

A Lot

Instagram Image
@ipaulypaul (Source)

Sigh. As you can see, there’s a skull shoved under the skin of this person’s hand but it might not be the most unsettling thing captured in this image. We will never, ever understand why people stretch piercings in those and mouth. Has this person ever had a cold or drank water?

X Marks The…

Instagram Image
@binhobarduzzi (Source)

The person with this implant explained in their caption for the image that this was done nine years ago. So, we guess it is possible to live with these things for a prolonged amount of time. The older the implant the more pronounced it gets as the skin settles more snuggly over it. Ugh.

Absolutely Not

Instagram Image
@aneta_von_cyborg (Source)

“My ribs today. 10 years inside me!” the person with these stacked implants wrote. We shudder as we try to understand why anyone would want a ribbed arm.


Instagram Image
@trophywifefrankie (Source)

The person who shared this image was certain to use a bunch of snowflake emoji to let folks know that this is not what it looks like. This looks just like a starfish and it’s terrifying.


Instagram Image
@vilonious (Source)

Why settle for “ribs” when you can get massive waves shoved under your skin? We definitely have never considered getting a mini mountain range put into anything.

Why? Why!?

Instagram Image
@george_kosmetatos (Source)

Stop! Record scratch! Bury us now.

We’re Tired

Instagram Image
@thrix0 (Source)

If the split tongue doesn’t get you, the amoeba-shaped object in this person’s forehead will. Does anyone else need a nap or is it just us?


Instagram Image
@inkdemention (Source)

Just what you’ve always wanted! A bug-shaped mass of silicone right on the top of your hand. Oh, that wasn’t you?

Folks, Your Arms Need a Break

We’re going to take a moment and complete our living will because we nearly passed out when we first saw this image.


This looks like alien life swimming underneath this person’s skin. Through the span of the images on this list, we’ve learned to live with things we’ll never understand.

A Lot of Modification

Instagram Image
@gatobodyart (Source)

We promise you this is the last jacked up arm on this list. But, additionally, you’ll find studs in the top of the scalp and horns! What a way to express… something.

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Instagram Image
@iambestfriendswithmydoubt (Source)

We have been scarred for life. Nothing will ever be the same. Why on earth would anyone want this? What got them to this point? We’d like a refund.

There you go! 25 subdermal implants that will make your skin crawl! We hope you will one day recover from making it through this list. Until then, drink lots of water and be sure to register to vote.

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