Summer Fun Is On The Horizon: Here Are 15 Activities To Do With Your Kids

Summer fun is almost here and you know what that means: outdoor activities and a lot of them for your kids! Thankfully, we have a few fresh ideas for you to keep your little ones busy and entertained all summer long.

Summer Fun Is On The Horizon: Here Are 15 Activities To Do With Your Kids

15. Water Balloon Pinata

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to cool down, the water balloon pinatas are for you! It is a perfect way to not only get the kids moving but also have a refreshing water break if using the garden hose is not an option. You only need a few basic items — including a bat to swing with. Be sure to make all the children remain at a safe distance from the batter and definitely make sure that the bat is made of plastic.  If you don’t have a bat, you can fashion one from a length of cardboard, rolling it up and taping with duct tape.

14. Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art

Looking for an easy art activity that isn’t creating a hopscotch path with chalk? We have you covered with Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art. Start by adding tape to the ground in a fun geometric design with your little one. Next, begin coloring each area with a different color. If your space has little bumps that made it hard to color in, fill these spaces by rubbing the chalk dust into these crevices. And then, it’s tape removal time! Or, keep the tape for a cool portrait-looking masterpiece!

13. A Bug Hunt

It’s time to collect those creepy crawlies in your backyard! But don’t fret, we aren’t making anyone pick up beetles or worms just yet. With this activity, all you need is a few plastic bugs and a cute little container. Be sure to hide your bugs all over the yard and then let your little one loose and let them collect all the (plastic) bugs they can find!

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12. Kid Made Bird Feeders

If your kiddo is an animal lover, this craft is for them! Not to mention your local wild birds will adore you for taking the time to make this simple Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder. While it is easy and fun for kids of all ages to create, make sure to craft it outside as it can get a bit messy! You can make this bird feeder with peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, or coconut oil. However, be sure not to make this feeder (or any bird feeder) with honey. Honey often harbors mold and bacteria that is fatal for wild birds. 

11. Pool Noodle Building

A simple and inexpensive way to keep your kiddo learning over the summer, pool noodles stacking is a fantastic STEAM activity! And while it is possible to do this activity indoors, you may want to send your kiddos outside on the porch for this activity for less stress when it comes time to clean up. Simply begin by cutting up a pool noodle into various sizes. Then, add a bowl of shaving cream along with a few plastic spoons. Finally, it’s time for your kiddo to begin playing!

10. Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis is a simple and extremely fun summer activity for your energetic kiddos! Start by blowing up a few balloons and grab a few fly swatters and ta-da: Balloon Tennis! A perfect segue into sports for kiddos and an activity that will feature plenty of laughs!

9. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Keep your kiddo cool under the hot sun while they forage for tiny treasures! This will keep your little one busy for over an hour at least and all you need are a few toys, a container, and an age-appropriate hammer.

8. Painted Treasure Rocks

A simple but exciting activity for the little artists out there is painting rocks! Arm your little one with a few rocks from the driveway, a paintbrush and a couple of colors and they will be having a blast in no time!

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7. Ice Boat Racing

For this ice racing activity, all you will need is a pool noodle, a plastic container, some toothpicks, a mini muffin tin and paper straws! The first step? Have your kiddos create their own flags for their little iceboats. Be sure to then cut your paper straws up and tape your kid’s tiny flags onto them. Second, freeze water in your mini muffin tin along with your paper straws. While your tiny boats are freezing, cut a pool noodle in half and set it against a chair, leaving the ends of the pool noodle in a plastic container. The last step? Pop-out your ice boats and let your kiddos start racing away!

6. Tie Dye

Everyone loves a good ole’ fashion tie-dye day! Whether you decide to purchase a kit or make your own, t-shirts aren’t the only thing you can dye! Be sure to experiment with socks, yoga pants or bandanas too this summer!

5. Mud Cafe

Create your very own “Mud Cafe” in your backyard! With a few printables, some baking utensils and a kid tub filled with soil, your little one can create away in this interactive and creative STEM activity that will keep them busy for quite some time.

4. Pool Noodle Games

The pool noodle is your friend this summer! So be sure to snag a few this summer to keep your kiddos busy with these super fun and highly addictive pool noodle games there are perfect for the whole family.

3. Stick Maze

Sometimes, the best activities are the most simple. This summer, have your kids forage for sticks around the backyard. Then, encourage them to craft their very own maze! Be sure to time them of course once they are finished to see how long it takes them to complete their masterpiece!

2. Human Ring Toss

A self-explanatory and a very fun activity: the human ring toss game! Just grab a few blow-up rings and have your kids try tossing them onto one another! The best part? You will have plenty of pool toys too!

1. Shaving Cream Slide

And last but not least, this activity will have your kids begging to do this every day this summer! Grab some food coloring and plenty of shaving cream for a hilariously fun afternoon on the slide. It will be messy, so be sure to have the garden hose nearby!

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