Netflix Launches 'Stranger Things' Drive-Through Sets Because Haunted Houses Almost Definitely Aren't Happening in 2020

Netflix Launches ‘Stranger Things’ Drive-Through Sets Because Haunted Houses Almost Definitely Aren’t Happening in 2020

You may not want to hear this, but Halloween is just about two months away. Where did the time go? What even is time in the age of Coronavirus and social distancing? We digress… As alarming as that may sound, here’s some good news: Though you likely won’t be able to take your family to something like a haunted house (due to the aforementioned pandemic) this year, Netflix is making sure you can still get your seasonal thrills by recreating Stranger Things set that you can actually drive through (If you live in Los Angeles, anyway.)

10 Underrated Kids' Shows to Stream Now

10 Underrated Kids Shows to Stream Now

It’s completely understandable that screen time has increased, but the entire family may be in need of a little novelty after so much consumption. You’ve likely grown tired of hearing Peppa Pig problem solve or the PAW Patrol theme song, so we have some suggestions for you.