‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Details Her Latest Health Scare: “I Weighed the Most I’ve Ever Weighed”

After a full 12 months, Tammy Slaton and ‘1000-lb Sisters’ made their return to TLC for Season 4 of the hit reality TV show. The season premiere aired on January 17th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and provided fans of the show an update on what was quite the cliffhanger during the Season 3 finale on January 31, 2022. 

In a preview for the season premiere, Slaton recalled the moment she learned she stepped on a scale that read 717 pounds. “I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed,” said Slaton, who was then asked about the moment she was rushed to the hospital just 30 minutes after arriving at a weight loss rehab facility. 

“I don’t remember any of it… nothing. I completely blacked out. I woke up like a week later here in the hospital on life support,” said Tammy in a confessional to producers of the show. Once she arrived at the hospital, Tammy was placed in a medically-induced coma and didn’t awake for another week. 

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One of the producers then asked Tammy Slaton if she knew any of her family members were with her at the hospital. She initially shook her head but added that she could hear voices and vaguely remembers her family holding her hand. With her physical health in question, her family was growing concerned. 

When she finally woke up, she wasted no time in sending Amy Slaton (sister), Chris Slaton (brother), and Amanda Halterman (sister). She sent them a picture of herself as a hint that she was awake – much to the delight of her family, who could finally take a breath of fresh air. That’s where the preview ended. 

For those that have followed her journey up to this point, Season 4 is going to be full of new revelations and developments. Producers of the show previously mentioned how the new season will see Tammy make a life-altering decision that ‘no one saw coming’ – we can only hope that it’s positive news!

Let’s not forget Tammy Slaton is officially a married woman after tying the knot with Caleb Willingham in November of last year – another topic that’ll be covered in Season 4. Not much is known or has been said about Caleb, but we do know from previous previews that Tammy’s family had doubts about him. 

Tammy Slaton Teases Incredible Weight Loss on TikTok

One of the newest developments that had fans talking on social media was the massive amount of weight loss Tammy Slaton has experienced. Fans first took notice when she posted a video to TikTok, in which she noticeably lost weight. And while she wants to talk about everything going on in her life, she can’t. 

“I really wish I could talk about all this stuff that’s going on with my weight and my hair and my clothes, my marriage, but I can’t,” wrote Tammy in the comments section, adding that she’s still under contract with TLC and she can’t ruin or play spoiler to any of the surprises that are to come in Season 4 of the show. 

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Speaking of Season 4, it’s officially here. The first episode – titled ‘The Sweet and Sour Life’ – aired on January 17th with an episode following every week on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. The second episode – titled ‘Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too’ – is set to air on January 24th. Don’t forget to tune in!

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