25 Tarot Card Tattoos That Are One of This Year’s Hottest Trends

A tarot card reading can be an enlightening experience that allows you to open up and can even spurn a spiritual awakening. The cards are a way to guide and remind you that your personal interpretation of the signs around you is a valid way to see the world and that power lies in it. We are not tarot experts or even novices, but we’ve been noticing tarot card tattoos on just about everyone these days and we thought we’d explore this trend to deepen our understanding.

Tarot tattoos can be designs lifted from an existing deck or imagined by the artist and the person getting the tat. These designs range from romantic and dramatic to funny and lighthearted. There’s no right or wrong way to go. Tattoos are a form of personal expression and you’ll notice that some of these designs are, indeed, very meaningful. While we found mostly black ink examples, we were sure to include many colorful designs as well to better show the diversity of these designs. Here are 25 mystifying tarot card tattoos that will make you want to get a reading.

La Luna

Without a doubt, one of the most popular designs we saw, again and again, was the moon. Here, we find it gorgeously tattooed with subtle white ink highlights to help bring it to life. This one gave us Lotería-vibes and we’re all about it.

Meow Moon

As we mentioned, the moon is one of the most widely tattooed tarot card designs. Here, we find the night sky escaping the boundaries of the card and two cute cats gazing up to the moon. Beautiful.

Only Lovers

Another extremely popular card, the lovers, can be found tattooed on tons of folks. This one with its mellow inks and sharp design was a standout.


Typically, the death card does not imply a physical death. Instead, it signals an end to a distraction or interest that will allow for new beginnings and self-awareness. We love this bold, black design.

A Vision

Here, we treated to a Hawaiin sunset followed by a sparkling moon. This is a great day/night or sun/moon interpretation. We love the big peony flower that helps bring this entire design together.


As much as we love colorful ink, sometimes basic black and grey are all it takes. The sun looks positively radiant here with a touch of vintage charm. This classic design is a winner.

Leia & Han

People really are out there doing the most. This Star Wars-themed design features two of your favorites Han Solo and Princess Leia as the lovers. We can report that this was the only Star Wars inspired tarot card design we came across.

Be Strong

The strength card is less about physical ability and more about inner fortitude. A classic design depicts a calm woman dominating a lion. The lion can be seen as a stand-in for inner beasts.

The Hand You’re Dealt

Here, we find a half sleeve design the features the world, the wheel of fortune, and the star. This delicate design is balanced by a cascade of flowers.

The Chariot

This is a contemporary take on the chariot. A motorcycle has replaced the traditional chariot and it looks so fresh! This is one of the most creative designs we came across.

French Love

The lovers look equally beautiful in this Frenchified card. Skeletons are often used on this card to represent everlasting love. They also represent a sacrifice that must be taken in order to gain something new.

The Sailor Moon

Another exceedingly creative card, the moon here takes on new life as a tool of Sailor Moon. We love this colorful and fun design that’s complete with cherry blossoms.


The hanged man depicts a pittura infamante, a shameful image of a traitor being punished in a manner common in Medieval Italy. This moody design, as with the card it’s based on, depicts sacrifice.


This is a wholly original design from Russia that we can’t entirely make sense of. Is this a foot fetish tattoo? We don’t know but we liked the very flat, 2-D nature of the tattoo.


The fool is often associated with new beginnings and beginner’s luck. We loved this cheery design complete with a little dog (which is standard).

So Much Love

Here’s the English language version of the lovers. We love the shading behind the skeletons and the addition of yellow flowers which give the design a romantic feel.

Witch Vibes

We did a whole list of witchy tattoos and this half sleeve would be home there too. While a tattoo of a card is nice, you could always set a whole scene as this person has done.


Are you into cute? Who isn’t? This Animal Crossing tat is everything. In Japan, the culture of cute is known as kawaii and we’d say this meets the criteria.

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A Touch

Here, we find another witchy hand holding some popular cards. The sun, moon, and death all make appearances here. This is such a clean and tidy tattoo that’s expertly shaded.

Ex Machina?

We did not set out to find an Ava from Ex Machina tarot tattoo, but here we are. The hermit card is typically interpreted to mean introspection. We suppose artificial intelligence is something worth thinking long and hard about.

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Take a look at all of those sharp, fine lines. This beautiful design imagines the scales balancing the head and the heart.

Eye of Night

After a little digging, we discovered that the eye of night card was created solely for the Silent Hill video games. It doesn’t really matter if this is part of a traditional deck or not. It looks great!

Tower Power

The tower is typically interpreted as meaning danger and/or destruction. This looks almost like etching and brings to mind old prints. The linework here is truly beautiful.

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The temperance card is a great choice for a tattoo because it encourages moderation and balance in life. Avoiding extremes and maintaining a sense of calm is the name of the game! We love this wonderful design.

There you go! 25 terrific tarot card tattoos that show the creativity and diversity among this very hot tattoo trend. Keep getting card tattoos and make sure that they’re all your own. The weirder the better.

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