25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting

For most people, tattoos are a form of self-expression that they care for and enjoy their entire lives. For others, there can be some serious tattoo regret that motivates a change. Unwanted tattoos can be covered up with a larger tattoo or they can be removed using a laser to significantly disguise their appearance. These tattoos range from names of lovers past to poorly tattooed designs to just downright bad ideas. If you have a tattoo you regret, don’t beat yourself up! People make mistakes and there are options!

We decided to take a closer look at unwanted tattoos to help you make informed choices before you get a tattoo yourself. Think of these failed designs as cautionary tales for what sorts you should avoid. We urge each of you to think long and hard before getting a tattoo because the process of having one removed is extremely painful. Sit on your idea for a few weeks or even months and, in that time, if you still want it, you can do your homework to find an ideal tattoo artist for the job. Careful consideration is key because you do not want to end up with some of the tattoos we’re about to share with you! Here are 25 tattoos that people sorely regret.

Maybe Not

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@clinicabrunovargas (Source)

Some time’s a change will do you good. Here, we find a tattoo that reads “I’ll always be my papa’s chickadee.” We’re sure this tattoo was procured with the best intentions but it does look a touch juvenile. As you can see, the person has opted for tattoo removal.

Family’s Not Forever

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@aestheticclinique (Source)

This somewhat sad-looking infinity symbol with the word “family” incorporated has outstayed its welcome. While we’re hopeful this person still has a good relationship with their family, perhaps there is a better way to express it.

Love Lost

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@lakearrowheadbrowandbeautybar (Source)

Tattoos on the hands, neck, and face are often referred to as “jobstoppers” by artists because they’re often considered taboo or unsavory by some employers. Thankfully, moods have started to shift, but it’s understandable that some would prefer to have old, faded designs removed.

Not a Pirate’s Life

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@mjdriverlasertattooremoval (Source)

Here’s another example of a jobstopper that’s reached the end of its lifespan. While these pirate symbols might have been cool when we still thought Pirates of the Caribbean was worth watching, today they feel uninspired and not too cute.

Cover It Up

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@maydaytattooco (Source)

The art of covering up old ink requires extensive knowledge of how certain colors of ink will mask existing tattoos. Here, we’re treated to Darth Vader covering up old ink of the number 13. We’d say this is a marked improvement.

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Wah, Wah, Wah

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@rethinklaser_goldcoast (Source)

This person lost their toe and decided to make light of it by getting this joke tattoo. Now, they’re experiencing regret about that decision as the tattoo actually brings more attention to the area.


25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@renudelaser (Source)

The timeless advice to not get a lover’s name tattooed on your body is occasionally heeded, but it still happens far too often. This tattoo used to say “Francesca” but it’s been amended to read “San Francisco.” Points for creativity!

Laugh Now Cry Later

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@kissfmuk (Source)

No matter how much you absolutely love and obsess over a certain celebrity or artist, getting their name tattooed across your forehead is not recommended. We find Drake’s name tattooed across this fan’s forehead which they now rue.

Null and Void

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@jayse_fayse (Source)

There’s more than one way to get rid of an unwanted name tattoo and this “VOID” cover-up looks like a banker’s stamp. If you’re going to get a cover-up, you can always have a bit of fun with it! It doesn’t have to be a sad affair.

Expectations VS Reality

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@savagedax (Source)

“Ladies: After 2 weeks of him trying to convince you to let him get a Chest tattoo, he comes home from the shop looking like this…” the person who shared this photo captioned. “What do you do?” The shape of the chest tattoo is not flattering, but if he likes it, just let it be?

Bye Bat

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@urbaninktattoozbelfast (Source)

“Our lovely client [client’s name] was getting married and was didn’t want to walk down the aisle with what she describe as a horrific tattoo she got when young,” a tattoo artist shared about this tattoo which they were going to cover up. It’s time to turn that bat light off.

Stop the Music

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@pulselightclinic (Source)

“Let the music play,” is a good sentiment, but this person wanted some silence. The cheesy looking tattoo has been nearly erased after eight laser procedures, the clinic that shared this image commented. That’s a lot!

Vegan Regrets

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@vegan_festival_adelaide (Source)

We bet this person is a blast to grab lunch with… They decided to get the word “vegan” tattooed on their arm not once, but twice. Diets change, people change, tattoos do not.

Do Not Put a Bow on It

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@dailyforayear (Source)

“Today is black cat day and I got a tattoo,” the person who posted this image wrote. “This is the completed work. I’m not a fan of it. I guess I now have a tattoo I regret. Oops.” Well, maybe it’s not too visible when the hair grows back.

Black Old Sun

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@tattoozoner (Source)

This sun tattoo has seen brighter days, that’s for certain. We hope this person’s back heals nicely after undergoing laser removal.

Oh, Boy

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@rethinkpb (Source)

Unfortunately, this image conjured to mind a certain scene from the horrible 2000 comedy, Dude, Where’s My Car? Maybe don’t get anything tattooed on your forehead without a parent’s consent?

Minds Change

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@l_a_perfection (Source)

It was time. We had to share this image with you because the irony here was so strong it nearly knocked us over when we saw it. Woo!


25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@renudelaser (Source)

“Kinda easy to understand why this wants to be removed,” the person tasked with removing this ink bluntly assessed. Yes, a smoking skull in a fishing hat will not age well.

At Least They Don’t Have to Look at It

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@goldencut.vienna (Source)

While this haircut looks fantastic, the salon that shared it also specialize in tattoo removal. Next steps are to have the weird compass, clock thing removed from the back of this person’s neck.

Rowling Regret

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@1pointtattooremoval (Source)

Harry Potter fans are the most obsessive of any fandom. They love getting tattoos that express their love for the character and the book. Here, we find a person who hasn’t been to pleased with the recent transphobic comments by author, J.K. Rowling. It was time for a change!

Love Fades

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@ultravioletessex (Source)

While you hate to see love fade, in this case, we think a correct choice was made. The tattoo had faded and without the benefits of touchup looked rather grey and bland. Time for a fresh start!

This Would Be One of Them

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@precision_tattooremoval (Source)

Neck tattoos are very uncomfortable to get and subsequently have removed, so give a long, hard think before getting one. This tattoo is part of a “trials and tribulations” design that this person has, apparently, overcome.

Get the Devil Out

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@sandiegolaserremoval (Source)

This person likely thought, “Not today, Satan!” We don’t necessarily believe in the devil but we do not invite him in. Has this person not seen The Exorcist?

Don’t Keep the Faith

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@nubare_tattooremoval (Source)

Again, a word on your face is, more often than not, ill-advised. While we appreciate the importance of faith, as a concept, getting a tattoo of it on your face might cause you to have a loss of it later in life.

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Bye Boston Terrier

25 Tattoos That People Regret Getting
@sandiegolaserremoval (Source)

A former member of a wrestling team in Boston, has moved on from his glory days of take-downs and pins. Now, it’s time to get rid of his team’s mascot. Adios to this adorable Boston terrier.

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