Mom Furious After Reports Alleged Her Daughter’s Fifth Grade Teacher Asked Her if She Was Gay in Front of Her Entire Class

Jezenia Gambino of Port St. Lucia, Florida, is furious after a teacher reportedly asked her fifth-grade daughter if she was dating another girl in front of her classmates. The teacher reportedly confronted the young girls after a rumor had started.

Gambino’s daughter, who has not been named in the reports, told her mom that she was too embarrassed to go back to school after the incident. In the end, Gambino decided to pull her daughter out of the school because she felt too uncomfortable to return.

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Mom Left Furious After Teacher Asked Her Daughter If She Was Dating Another Girl

Gambino told WPTV that there were rumors floating around the school that her daughter had been dating another girl. When the educator stepped in, Gambino felt she handled the situation inappropriately.

teacher reportedly asks girl if she's gay in front of class

“She asked them if they were together. If they were dating as a couple together and she asked them in a way that they felt they were in trouble,” Gambino told the news station. The mom later told Insider, “If the rumor had been about my daughter dating a little boy, I do not think the question would have been asked.”

After her daughter returned home clearly upset, Gambino reached out to the school’s principal, who began an investigation. The teacher involved in the incident, who has also not been named, has since been “reported to the Florida Department of Education for inappropriate communication”. The teacher was then given a verbal warning.

mom furious after reports alleged her daughter's fifth grade teacher asked her if she was gay in front of her entire class | jezenia gambino of port st. lucia, florida is furious after a teacher asked her fifth-grade daughter if she was dating a girl in front of her classmates.
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The school told Insider that they “will not tolerate harassment or any form of illegal harassment by any of its employees, students, volunteers or agents.” Gambino, though, isn’t satisfied with that. 

“She needs to be fired,” she told WPTV. “The school isn’t setting a good example for their students. The teacher’s actions were unacceptable.”

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