Ted Cruz Slams Sesame Street’s Big Bird Over Getting His COVID Vaccine

Ted Cruz had some harsh words for Sesame Street’s Big Bird.

The sitting senator attacked the fictional children’s character, tweeting out how the show’s encouragement for kids to get the COVID-19 vaccine was “government propaganda for your 5-year-old.”

Ted Cruz Slams Sesame Street's Big Bird Over Getting His COVID Vaccine
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The fictional bird, who, according to Sesame Street lore, is eternally 6-years-old, tweeted his vaccination status on Saturday, writing: “I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy.”

Big Bird added how CNN journalist Erica Hills “even said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a little bird. I had no idea!”

COVID is believed to pose little risk to children, with CDC statistics showing that just 680 of America’s 745,000 COVID fatalities are aged between 0 and 18.

Vaccines are very safe but can sometimes cause side effects which include heart inflammation among kids.

Ted Cruz Slams Sesame Street's Big Bird Over Getting His COVID Vaccine
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Cruz’s comment quickly came under fire from a variety of people, for a multitude of reasons.

Hogg wrote: “Ted Cruz is doing the job of our enemies by spreading more disinformation that’s killed over 200,000 Americans this year. I can not believe an actual sitting senator would tweet this,” he added. Hogg also recalled the senator’s trip to Cancun, Mexico as Texas endured a deadly winter storm.

“At least it’s acceptable for birds to fly south for the winter – unlike some senators who left millions of their constituents to f****** die in the cold.”

While the former head of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, reminded Cruz: “You are vaccinated.”

Ted Cruz Slams Sesame Street's Big Bird Over Getting His COVID Vaccine
Image via Shutterstock

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Parents pointed out how Sesame Street now airs on HBO, and is not a public access channel PBS as it used to — while others noted that Big Bird has been active in child immunization campaigns stretching back to the 1970s.

Sarah Wire, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, highlighted how Sesame Street has been guiding children understand the COVID pandemic.

“Sesame Street has spoken to kids about the pandemic in ways they understand since the beginning, explaining how to wash hands and wear a mask or why they couldn’t go to preschool or see grandma,” she wrote. “Kids seeing six-year-old Big Bird get a shot helps them understand what is happening.”

In response to the criticism, Cruz tweeted out once more: “Liberals are weird. They don’t care about open borders. Or rising inflation. Or schools covering up sexual assaults. Or the disaster of Afghanistan. Or tyrannical Dems violating medical pricacy and freedom. But criticize Big Bird? And they lose their s***.”

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