Teen Comes Out After Dad Walks In On Him Doing Makeup Tutorial, Dad’s Reaction Goes Viral

Daniel Lemus unexpectedly came out in the sweetest way last summer when his dad walked in on him filming a TikTok makeup tutorial in his bedroom.

While the video was first uploaded in July 2020, it is going viral again after being posted on Reddit.

In the clip, Daniel begins to record an at-home makeup tutorial on his camera to show his followers.

He began with some moisturizer and foundation and then moved on to bronzer powders and eventually added some dramatic eye shadow and long, false lashes.

About 13 minutes into the clip, all of a sudden, there is a knock on the door that sent the teen into a frenzy.

But instead of answering questions from his followers while applying his makeup, the teen suddenly turned off all of the lighting in his room and pretended to be working on his computer. Cue his dad walking into the room!

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And then off-camera, Luis Lemus begins to ask questions.

“What are you doing?” the father asked in a conversation that switched between English and Spanish. “Turn on the lights.”

“I’m gonna tell you something,” his dad began. “Whatever it is you want to do —”

“Dad, don’t make me cry, don’t make me cry,” Daniel interrupted him.

“Whatever it is you want to do,” he continued, “you’ll be OK. I’ll be OK with you. I’m with you, OK?”

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“I love you,” Luis continued. “If that makes you happy, do it, but do it good. I’m always with you, OK? I’m not going to drop you or anything. You be happy.”

And at the end of the clip, the dad pulled his son in for a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

“I never told my dad that I was gay, until that day I felt like I truly came out to him,” Daniel later told Newsweek. “I know that he knew already but I just felt that I came out to him right then and there when he caught me with makeup on.”

And while he admitted he was a bit embarrassed, overall he is thankful it happened the way it did.

“It’s just so amazing how that actually turned out, and I’m so grateful to have parents who accept me for who I am,” he shared.

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