Teen Who Planned Parent’s Wedding Finds Out It’s ‘Kid-Free’ And Is No Longer Invited

While some people desire a “kid-free” wedding — one couple may have taken it too far when they refused to allow their 14-year-old teen to attend after planning the whole wedding.

“My (14F) parents (30F and 31M) had me when they were teenagers. There were a lot of sacrifices on their behalf, but we have a rather comfortable life nowadays and they are both good parents.”

Teen Who Planned Parent's Wedding Finds Out It's 'Kid-Free'
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“They have been saving for quite a while and they finally want to have their dream wedding. My mom has been planning this wedding for years and she talked about it with me a lot, asking for my suggestions. I’d say I helped plan the wedding with how much we’ve talked about it and the amount of suggestions I made she incorporated.”

But despite her consistent help, she was about to be met with some severely disappointing news.

“A few days ago, my parents told me they decided to have a ‘no kids’ wedding, so no one under 21 would come. I felt hurt at first, but they said they wanted to party like the wedding they had wanted to have before they turned 18, and I thought it was fair.”

Teen Who Planned Parent's Wedding Finds Out It's 'Kid-Free'
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“Today, they told me that they plan to have my four cousins (2, 5, 7 and 8M) stay with me at our house for the whole day so my three aunts can come and I wouldn’t be alone. I said I didn’t want to be a babysitter after I was pretty much excluded from a wedding I helped plan, and it was my parents’ wedding I was being excluded from.”

From there, the situation escalated dramatically.

“My called me an ungrateful b**** and said it would be my way of contributing to the wedding, and it will be ruined if I don’t accept it. My father talked to me later about it and said it was just a day, it’s the least I could do to them after all they sacrificed for me in their youth. Am I the a****** here?”

Teen Who Planned Parent's Wedding Finds Out It's 'Kid-Free'
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One person said: “Let’s get one thing straight right away: This is manipulative b*******. You do not owe your parents anything for doing the bare legal minimum of taking care of you. They chose to have a kid, and having a kid means sacrificing some of the things child free people get to enjoy. Their choice should not lead to your obligation. You are so far from the a*****e here, and I’m sorry that in their attempt to recreate the wedding they wanted as teenagers they overshot somewhat and turned into bratty entitled kids instead.”

While another said: “I would be so extremely hurt that my own parents didn’t want me at their wedding. OP, none of this is your fault. Your parents are completely TA for making you feel that you ruined their lives and that they sacrificed their lives for you. And to leave a 14-year-old with that many children? Again, that’s being bad and neglectful parents. OP, you can tell your parents – okay, you don’t want me at your wedding fine. But don’t expect me to baby sit the other kids. Let me hang out with my friends. I hope that all of the adults will question the parents why their OWN KID is not at the damn wedding.”

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