‘That Vegan Teacher’ Gets the Chop! TikTok Bans Controversial Account After 20,000 Sign Petition

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer posted videos on TikTok under the handle “That Vegan Teacher” which had amassed over one million followers before her account was removed from the social media platform Friday. As of Monday, if you tried to find videos on TikTok from the controversial figure, you would not have much luck.

Her account was reportedly banned for “violating community guidelines” following the publication of a Change.org petition, which accuses “That Vegan Teacher” of making “blatantly racist, bigoted, discriminatory statements against anyone who doesn’t view veganism her way and her way alone.”

After Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, known as ‘That Vegan Teacher,’ got banned from TikTok she asked her supporters to ‘rise up’ to defend her and her problematic opinions.

“Many of you woke up this morning and found out that my account was banned on TikTok,” Diekmeyer begins her twenty-minute-long video address she shared on Tuesday. “I know many of you are jumping for joy and thinking that this is a great victory. Somehow, it makes you smile to know that an animal rights activist is being silenced.”

The video is titled “Censorship: Why Good People Must Rise Up And Speak Out” and she shared it on her YouTube account, also called “That Vegan Teacher,” which has over 33,000 followers.

Shortly after discovering that the account was banned, the topic, ‘That Vegan Teacher,’ began to trend on Twitter with many rejoicing.

A Twitter user going by the handle @defnoodles, pointed out that “She was banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations.” They shared that information along with a screenshot of TikTok’s new disclaimer.

In her very longwinded video response, Diekmeyer denies the accusations found in the Change.org petition saying that she never “stalked anyone” nor “forced anyone to be vegan,” and “nobody ever got sick or ‘died’ because of me.”

As with many who lose their social media platform, the content creator and “animal activist” claims victimhood and she says “Vegan phobia is real.” She then goes on to cite evidence of said phobia by alleging people have “left dead animal body parts on my front steps. Eggs were thrown over my fence. Death threats were uttered. Groups of people tried to steal my dog, Bella.”

If you take a cursory glance at some of the TikTok videos that she has uploaded to her active Instagram account, they seem rather innocuous like the video above that shows Diekmeyer talking about how she made her vegan chocolate milk. The benign nature of this video belies some of the more questionable videos she’s put out, in which the petition claims she “targets” young people and minorities.

The petition claims that “multiple films that are dangerous to children,” calling her use of TikTok “morally and ethically repugnant.” They point to a number of videos for their inappropriate content including the one above where she “is holding a phallic carrot and while dipping it in hummus and sucking it off.”

In another instance, petitioners point to a video in which they found particularly “abhorrent.”

“Using George Floyd’s death, she targeted a black man and attacked his skin color and empathy for not being vegan,” the petition says. “Using a human beings death as a weapon to promote a lifestyle agenda is abhorrent. Particularly when the person she aimed it at is a Black American and she is a white Canadian.”

The petition also points to a video that “encourages her followers to change religions like they change underwear, to use their critical thinking skills and try to become atheists on Sundays. Religion is the very heart of some people’s lives.”

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'That Vegan Teacher' Gets the Chop! TikTok Bans Controversial Account After 20,000 Sign Petition

“Her statements have included telling a creator with a disability that they would be ‘better’ if they were vegan. That is a dehumanizing and ablest statement,” the petition claims.

You can read the full petition to remove “That Vegan Teacher” here.

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