The 5 Best Places to Hide from Children in Your Home

If you’ve been practicing social distancing for several weeks now, you’ve probably grown rather tired of your children. The constant, neverending, responsibilities of parenthood can be a lot to shoulder in normal times. Without the help of teachers, childcare workers, it is d*mn near impossible to work from home. Since the pandemic began, we’ve been reading stories of moms hiding in laundry rooms and closets, trying to get a single, solitary moment of peace.

Moms are picking up all of the slack right now, even though dads think they’re bearing more of the burden. What’s a mom to do? HIDE! We decided to find some good places around the home for you to hide from your impatient, petulant children. Perhaps making that Zoom call for work, making a call to another mom for advice, actually feeding yourself, or just a quiet moment is the motivation. Whatever it is, we’re not going to judge. Here are 7 creative places to hide from the children in the comfort of your home (that’s definitely not a prison now). We know you love the little ones, but you do deserve a break.

5. Hide in Plain Sight (Sort Of)

A man and part-time dad with the Twitter handle @fredflunk, came up with an ingenious way to hide from his daughter. Using a printed photo of the couch, he manages to trick his daughter into thinking he’s not actually on his couch. Just listen as the HLN Host, Melissa Knowles describes what she’s watching with giddy excitement. This hiding hack was invented by a dad, but it’s clearly made for moms.

So, take a picture of an empty piece of furniture you love lounging on, blow it up to scale, and print. Tape a handle on the back and you’re in business mama! Pro tip: make sure you don’t fashion two handles. You’ll only need one! You must have a free hand for some stealthy snacking or wine sipping.

4. The Pantry

Pantry Mom AKA Ashley Gardner became a meme back in 2017. In a video that is just over thirty seconds, this mom predicted the future and foreshadowed the pandemic. In what looks like a (familiar) horror movie, the mom explains that she’s locked herself in the closet to save herself from her children. As she snacks on candy, you can hear the ambient sound of obnoxious children. She lowers the camera to the crack under the door and there… it waits.

Little did we know, that this would all be us in three short years. Pantry Mom is an inspiration, an icon, and a wellness ambassador. A pantry is not only a place of respite, but it’s also a place with snacks and treats.

3. The Bathroom

English nanny who is the opposite of Mary Poppins, Jo Frost AKA Supernanny went after one mom who eats in her bathroom to avoid her unruly children. We’ve got news for Frost: mother always knows best.

“I’m hiding,” the mom admits after the celebrity nanny finds her in her happy place.

“You’re hiding to like what, have breakfast?” Frost asks.

“Just a snack,” mom replies. “I usually hide from the kids while I eat for some peace and quiet.”

Bathrooms, and behind shower curtains imparticular, are fantastic places to hide from your children. We can’t get enough of this mom’s nonchalance. She’s not letting Supernanny shame her! She knows herself and fully understands the need for silence and probiotics.

2. The Car

For entrepreneur and mom Nicole Walters, the bathroom was no longer an option. In a live broadcast from two years ago, Walters dropped some serious truth bombs about motherhood.

“These kids are trying to kill me!” Walters says in the video. “That’s what they’re trying to do. They’re actively trying to figure out new ways to drive me crazy! And so, for that reason, I’m in my car where they can’t get me.”

Unfortunately for her, her children have discovered her bathroom hiding spot.

“It’s gotten to the point now, where I spend so much time in the bathroom that there’s concern about how long I spend in the bathroom,” she says. “When I go into the bathroom, the [kids] put their fingers under the door. There’s no alone time! There’s no personal space! It’s like… fingers under the door. You know what I mean?”

Yes, we do know what she means! A car is a great place to hide from your progeny. Be smart like Walters and bring snacks. It’s like a vacation for your mind!

1. TikTok


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Ashley Wood Sinclair has taken TikTok by storm by creating a relatable video of herself hiding from her kids. The audio has been isolated from the video and celebrity moms like Molly Sims and Peta Murgatroyd have made their own TikToks with it as well.


To every mum out there. I feel you. ##momlife ##quarantine ##quarantinelife ##winetime

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The hilarious trend is a way for mothers to show solidarity with one another while picking fun at themselves. Moms are recording videos of themselves reenacting the dialogue in the unlikeliest of hiding places.


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This mom chose to hide in her washing machine. It turns out it’s a common hiding place for moms! In addition to appliances, women can also be found hiding in closets, kitchen cabinets, ottomans… almost anywhere! The main rule here is to have your beverage of choice and possibly a snack.


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We share all of this with you to let you know it’s all going to be okay. You are not alone! You’re doing great! We love you and thank you for your service! Taking a moment for yourself is not child neglect. Remember to take that moment whenever and wherever you can. And, if you feel so inclined, share how this experience is making you feel. These moms on TikTok are doing a wonderful job!

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