‘The Blind Side’s Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy Have Made a BIG Decision About Lawsuit 

Days after it was revealed “The Blind Side” star Michael Oher was suing the Tuohy family to end his conservatorship immediately, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy have revealed how they plan to handle the public situation.

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As Mamas Uncut previously reported, fourteen years ago, the world was introduced to the movie The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Tim McGraw, Kathy Bates, and Lilly Collins.

The movie was based on the “extraordinary true story” of Oher’s life. In the movie, he was depicted as a young man who came from nothing with the help of a wealthy family to become an offensive lineman in the NFL. 

However, in August 2023, the real-life Michael Oher says much of the story told in the movie was a lie. For instance, in his recent court filings, Oher claims that the Tuohy family, which includes Leigh Anne, played by Sandra Bullock, and Sean, played by Tim McGraw, never legally adopted him.

Instead, Oher claimed he was placed under a conservatorship, which he is still under today. In the lawsuit, in which Oher is seeking to end the conservatorship completely, the retired football star claims he never received royalty payments for the movie and that he was “tricked” into signing the conservatorship papers.

Oher explained that when it came time for the Tuohy family to adopt him, he was told that because of his age, being placed under a conservatorship would be similar to going through the adoption process. Oher was 17 at the time when the signed the papers in 2004.

According to reports, the conservatorship meant that Oher “shall not be allowed to enter into any contracts or bind himself without the direct approval of his conservators.” Twenty years later, the conservatorship is still in effect today. 

Now, after voicing their disappointment over the lawsuit brought against them by the man they considered a son, the Tuohy family has come to a decision. The couple’s lawyer, Marty Singer, shared a statement with E! News, saying that “should Mr. Oher wish to terminate the conservatorship, either now or at any time in the future, the Tuohys will never oppose it in any way.”

However, Singer reiterated that the family feels like Oher’s lawsuit is “a shakedown effort,” adding that the claims he makes in the lawsuit are “outlandish.”

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In the petition, Oher also shared his disdain for the Tuohy family. It reads, “Where other parents of Michael’s classmates saw Michael simply as a nice kid in need, Conservators Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy saw something else: a gullible young man whose athletic talent could be exploited for their own benefit.”

The legal papers went on to claim that Leigh Anne, Sean, and their biological children SJ and Collins have all benefited from his life’s story, while he has not. Leigh Anne and Sean’s son, SJ, who also played a big role in the movie, has also spoken out. 

While speaking with Barstool Sports, SJ said that he “completely understands” why Oher is upset. However, SJ went on to say that he is far from a “multi-millionaire” like Oher claims he is in the legal documents.

“Man, if I had $2 million in my bank account, it would be in my email signature and say, ‘Signed, SJ Tuohy, multi-millionaire,’” SJ quipped while adding that his friends are “roasting” him over this situation.

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To which, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy responded, “Somebody clearly is making a ton of the money off that movie, and he’s not seeing any of it — listen, if someone made a movie that I thought was about me, and I see it sold $300 million [at the] box office and I don’t see anything, I could see how that would upset me.”

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