These YouTube Influencers Are Selling Replicas of Their Newborn Baby for More Than $300

The life of an influencer is often hard to comprehend: They make a living just by posting pictures?! Not relatable! These days, some influencers are taking things one step further in order to make money and, in many ways, this is the most extreme version of influencer hustling we’ve seen. U.K. YouTube influencers, Chris and Sarah Ingham, known as The Ingham Family, are selling replicas of their baby boy.

Congratu… wait, what?!

Yes, you read that correctly! The couple, who are also parents to three older daughters, somehow found time to design a doll that’s a lifelike replica of their two-week-old son Jace. The couple are charging $340 for the “soft-bodied,” 19-inch doll. The baby doll comes with diapers, a blanket, and outfits, one of which was designed by one of Jace’s sisters.

Sold by manufacturer Mary Shortle, the description of the doll reads, “The realistically adorable features allow you to have your own little Jace! His realistic soft-touch skin and hair are beautifully hand-painted just for you by an artist in the Mary Shortle Nursery.”

In the vlog announcing the baby doll, Sarah said, “I can’t believe how alike like it’s so like him…it’s exactly the same.” 

The Ingham Family Selling Replicas of Newborn Baby Jace
CREDIT: The Ingham Family / Mary Shortle

In addition to the doll, the family is also planning on hosting “Jace Tea parties,” which will be announced soon. Buyers can bring their Baby Jace doll to the events and enjoy what we have to believe will be the creepiest tea party ever.

Not surprisingly, followers are unsettled by the whole thing. “They’re selling a WHAT for WHAT,” said one Twitter commenter. “I am ashamed to say that I used to be a fan of this family…,” said another.

The family has more than 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, so we guess there may be a market for this monstrosity.

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