This Dog-Baby Friendship Is Everything!

We’re sorry, but is there anything cuter than a dog and a baby hanging out as BFFs?

Meet Weezy. Weezy is an Italian greyhound with severe anxiety. In fact, his anxiety was so bad, that his first family returned him to the shelter. Luckily for Weezy this wasn’t the end of her story. A woman by the name of Sarah Mavro adopted Weezy and made her a part of the family. When Mavro first brought Weezy home, she was scared of everything. And then, Mavro had a baby boy named Evan and everything changed.

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At first, Weezy wasn’t sure what to make of Evan. She kept her distance, preferring to check him out from afar. But Evan loved Weezy and slowly but surely started to win her over. As Weezy saw that Evan wanted nothing but love, her confidence grew. Eventually, she realized that Evan was actually an awesome buddy (even if he was a baby) and she began seeking him out.

Now, Weezy and Evan are best friends. This friendship has transformed Weezy from a shy, anxious dog into a dog that loves being around her family. Weezy playfully runs around Evan, gives kisses and loves to snuggle. And Evan loves her back — he thinks he’s got the best, silliest playmate. This dog-baby friendship is making us seriously jealous. Evan: let us know if you’d like to hang for a playdate soon!

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