Thoughts on multiple baby showers?

Did you have a baby shower for each one of your pregnancies? I am on my 3rd pregnancy, I have 1 boy and 1 girl and this babies gender is is being kept a secret until he/she is born. My mother is against throwing me one again, she said there is no point when I just had 2 in the last 6 years. I still have all of my babies big items but I feel like I should throw some type of celebration for baby… advice?

572 thoughts on “Thoughts on multiple baby showers?”

  1. I have had 5 kids and pregnant with my 6th and never once had a baby shower or any family who bought anything for the babies. If you still have all the big items I would do a diaper party where people bring u diapers and wipes

  2. Every baby should be celebrated. Maybe a “sip and see” once baby is born? People can come over, visit with mom and baby and bring a gift if they feel like it. That’s what I’m thinking for my 2nd since I had a shower 2 only 2 years ago.

  3. Then throw a celebration, make it clear that that’s all it is, because most women having baby showers nowadays do it to get gifts, even throwing them for themselves. That’s not a celebration, that’s being greedy. People are supposed to throw it for the mom.

  4. If you want a shower but don’t need anything like clothes and whatnot …do a diaper drive type thing …everyone who attends bring a case of diapers and or wipes. My bfs aunt did this for her “shower” but she asked for diapers and a book for baby instead of gifts 🙂

  5. I have 3 kids. I didn’t with the 3rd. The grandparents gave the baby something, and a few close friends, but that wasn’t because i asked them to. I was something that choice to do on their own. But we had really everything that we needed. Ours where really close together. So, for me it didn’t feel right to have that many so close together, and I really didn’t see the need for having one.

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