TikTok Mom Asks If She Should Shave Her Newborn Baby’s Legs, Internet Explodes

A mom on TikTok is asking the internet if she should shave her newborn baby’s legs and arms — and the internet exploded in a flurry of opinions.

A mom named Bri Shelby, or @blshelby, revealed how her son grew his long hair after taking a medication for congenital hyperinsulinism resulting in this little fur baby:

Many were blindsided by her son’s new hair growth on July 14.

“When your baby becomes hairy from having to take medicine,” she captioned the footage from July 14.

The condition, which affects just one in every 50,000 babies, Mateo’s parents Shelby, 24, and Jared Hernandez, 22, from Texas, put their son on medication in order to control the symptoms.

“He was put on a medicine called diazoxide,” she said in the clip. “He does not need his hormone levels checked. He did not have any hair like this when he was born — it came after he started the medicine.”


Since my other video got taken down he’s still so precious. #fyp #foryoupage #baby #hairy

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“After a couple of weeks of being on the medication his body started changing – he got really big and started growing lots of hair on his head and body,” Bri, who works as a police officer, said. 

Shelby was ticked off by one commenter who told her she should wax her son.

“You do not wax a baby,” she wrote in another video. “He has a rare condition and to help his condition he had to be on a certain medicine that caused this hair growth.”

The condition is known as congenital hyperinsulinism, or a genetic disorder in which the insulin cells of the pancreas, called beta cells, secrete too much insulin.

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Her little boy was in the hospital for two and a half months because of his condition. She then decided to ask the world what she should do about all the hair.

“Should we shave his legs and arms?” she wrote. “Comment what y’all think.”

But it looks like Shelby went the conservative approach and did not shave her son’s body. The new mom posted again on August 16, saying she didn’t care about the haters.

“When we don’t care what people say about his hairy body,” she captioned in a video of her dancing with her son in her arms.

We love a happy hairy little baby!

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