TikTok Mom Pretends To Be Her Children And It Is Hysterical

Online personality and mom, Lindsey Simon Gurk is cracking up fellow parents everywhere when it comes to life with a toddler.

The funny mom recently shared a follow-up TikTok (after much demand) of her pretending to behave like her toddler and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

TikTok Mom Pretends To Be Her Children And It Is Hysterical
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As you can see below, the mom is quick to run to the windows to do a “garbage truck geek out” as well as “create chocolate soup” with mashed up goldfish. Ah, we have all been there — eh moms?

It begs the question, where does this endless supply of energy come from? It is no secret that life with a toddler is full.

“The world is very stimulating for 2- and 3-year-olds and they love to explore,” says Parents advisor Kyle D. Pruett, MD, clinical professor of child psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine. They’re also pretty agile, so they can get where they want to go — sometimes surprisingly quickly.

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“As adults, we forget what it’s like to acquire a new skill,” says Dr. Pruett. “If your world were just starting to open up, would you pass up an opportunity to check it out?”

But you, the tired mom, may not adore this stage of childhood. That being said — it is important to remember that toddlers are not being “bad” on purpose or “defying” your rules.

“Toddlers don’t have the self-control or the cognitive ability to stop doing things they enjoy,” says Susan J. Schwartz, clinical director of the Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement at the New York University Child Study Center.

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In addition to these toddlers discovering that they are in fact, unique individuals, they are also pushing the limits. In an attempt to figure out how the world works — they question, make predictions and experiment. Just like big kids and us adults do everyday!

While it’s important to encourage your toddler’s exuberance and to give him room to explore, it’s also critical to teach him that sometimes he simply needs to settle down.

And while it is vital to give your tot the confidence to explore — it is also important to reign them in when they go overboard.

…or else you may end up making TikToks of all the crazy antics your tot gets into!

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