TikTok Mom Blesses the World With the Band-Aid Hack We Didn’t Know We Needed

Anyone who has ever put a band-aid on their finger – more specifically around the finger’s joints – will appreciate the band-aid hack this mother just blessed us with on TikTok. It’s something we didn’t know we were doing wrong until now, but the struggle doesn’t have to continue anymore.

The life hack is so simple, we’re actually a little mad we didn’t think of it first. Then again, it’s always the simplest solutions that shock us the most. All you have to do is cut a slit down each end of the band-aid and wrap the slits around the joints in the finger – allowing you to bend it. 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all gotten a small cut on our finger before. And while we all do the right thing in grabbing a band-aid, we’re quickly humbled when the band-aid falls off every single time we move our finger. Before you know it, you’ll be going through 10+ band-aids every day. 

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For the best results, you should cut the slits lengthwise – down the middle of each end of the band-aid. Each cut should stop about a centimeter away from the gauze pad in the middle of the band-aid. And don’t worry about it taking time out of your day, it only takes a few minutes!

When you’re done, you’ll have four ends on the band-aid – opposed to just two – giving you much more flexibility when wrapping the band-aid around your finger. By avoiding the joints, it won’t scrunch up and fall off as we go about our day – it’ll stay put, allowing your injury to heal.

Have you ever wondered where the band-aid comes from? Believe it or not, the band-aid was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson. He was newly married at the time and his wife was always burning and cutting herself when cooking. He wanted something she could apply all by herself. 

Today, band-aids are an essential piece to any first aid kit and one of the few things we ALL have in our medicine cabinet at home. By protecting an injury from friction, bacteria, damage, and dirt, band-aids allow for a suitable environment when healing cuts, burns, and other injuries.

That’s Not the Only Band-Aid Hack We’re Raving About

TikTok Mom Blesses the World With the Band-Aid Hack We Didn’t Know We Needed
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Who would’ve known that a band-aid hack would be the reason our jaws dropped today? I don’t know about you, but band-aids will no longer weigh me down when I suffer an injury – our lifelong struggle when putting and keeping a band-aid on is finally over, so it’s time to rejoice. 

But wait, that’s not the only problem most of us have when using a band-aid. I know I’m not alone when I say taking band-aids off is a hassle. They either don’t tear apart easily or you’re ripping off hair and skin with the band-aid. Either way, it’s a struggle and we’re over it. 

Don’t worry, another TikTok has come to the rescue. Before ripping a band-aid off, she applies Vaseline on top of the band-aid to weaken the adhesive – if you don’t have Vaseline or petroleum jelly, then you can use olive oil, petroleum jelly, or baby shampoo instead. 

In fact, you can also dissolve the adhesive with alcohol, freeze the adhesive with ice, or get in the habit of removing bandages in the shower or bath. Each of these band-aid hacks will allow for a pain-free experience when removing a bandage – something we can all appreciate. 

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With that said, we would love to hear all of your band-aid hacks – and life hacks, in general. For those looking to be ‘wowed’ with hacks on a daily basis, give Autumn Grace a follow on TikTok – @honestlyautumn. She has posted dozens of genius life hacks and hundreds of tips for moms.

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