TikTok Mom Goes Viral For Feeding 6-Month-Old ‘Bleeding’ Steak, People Outraged

One mom’s TikTok clip is going viral after she fed her baby steak for dinner.

The video was shared a few days ago by TikToker Katie Harley (@mrskatieharley).

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In the clip, Harley’s baby, Eliza can be seen chomping on a rare piece of steak for dinner.

And needless to say, many viewers were floored by the baby consuming the sophisticated poultry.

“You don’t love your kid,” one user wrote, “that’s the worst thing you can feed your baby with…go vegan for better health do not feed your baby with animal products.”

Followed by: “It’s not well cooked for the baby & giving him a big piece like is a [choking] hazard. This is not safe. Just cook well and cut into small pieces.”

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“People have an issue with it because she’s a baby. Her immune system is not strong enough for that yet,” another commented.

“Not sure if this is a joke but what?” another user commented, while others claimed that feeding the baby the “bleeding” steak was considered “child abuse.”

While other viewers seemed to support the young mother.

“I’m just laughing at everybody in the comments and how they are mad over a baby they will never see in their lives, baby that will never affect them,” one user shared.

While another shared: “My twin boys loved all food even sushi! Food helps children grow keep your own issues with food and let this loving mother feed her child.”

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Followed by: “Actually, it’s really good for them. I gave it to my daughter- can’t wait for my second to get a smidge bigger and I shall do the same! #momsolidarity.”

So is it safe for 6-month-olds to be consuming steak? According to the experts, yes but there are some caveats.

“If your baby has developed physically to the point that they’re now ready to handle the intricacies of eating solids, then they’re ready for eating meat,” according to Healthline.

While 6-months old is the perfect time to start introducing various foods into your baby’s diet, be sure the meat is fully-cooked i.e. no rare or medium rare. In addition, obtaining from deli meats, bacon and hot dogs is a good idea due to the high amount of preservatives and chemicals. Oh and do not fry or reheat meat for little ones.

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