TikTok Mom’s Viral ‘Mini Egg’ Recipe Could Make Kids Sick According to Experts

TikTokker and mom Alexandria Bewicke, who runs the account @thatfalzonfamily, recently posted a tip for creating fried “mini-eggs” that experts are now warning other parents about.

Posted in mid-June, the TikTok has received millions of views. Bewicke revealed how she freezes an egg in its shell, then takes it out, slices it up, fries the slices, and gives them to her toddler.


EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO TRY THIS! ????‍???? #minieggs #egghack #toddlermeals @lukefalzon

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“It creates really cool mini-eggs,” noted Bewicke. “My toddler absolutely loves it and I hope your kids do, too.”

Users commented “OMG I can’t wait to try this,” and “This is so cool!”

And while viewers went crazy for the mini-eggs, experts warn they present a food safety danger to kids.


EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY THIS – HACK 2! ????‍???? #egghack #goldeneggs #scrambledinshell @lukefalzon

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“When raw eggs are frozen in their shells and then reheated from frozen, they may not reach a high enough temperature to cook thoroughly,” explains Whitney Casares, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P, creator of Modern Mommy Doc and author of The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting Without Losing Yourself.

“As a result, parts of the egg may still be raw, increasing the risk for salmonella poisoning when eaten.”

A spokesperson for the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) agreed, revealing how freezing eggs in their shell can cause the shell to crack, which in turn would allow for bacteria exposure.

FSIS recommends that parents follow the four steps to food safety, making sure to wash hands, clean and sanitize all utensils used, and fully cook an egg until the white and yolk are firm.

TikTok Mom's Viral 'Mini Egg' Recipe Could Make Kids Sick According to Experts
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Dr. Casares believes in a safer alternative to this TikTok trend: a hard-boiled egg.

In addition, she warns parents to be cautious when following TikTok trends that involve preparing cooking raw foods such as meat or eggs, adding, “Since the original TikTok creators aren’t necessarily medical or nutrition professionals, their suggestions for food preparation could lead to unintended health consequences.”

What are some eggy-foods you can absolutely throw in the freezer without the risk of you (or your little one) getting sick? Raw egg whites, raw egg yolks, raw whole eggs that have been removed from the shell and whisked and/or cooked mixed egg dishes like breakfast casseroles or quiches.

And remember after you thaw your eggs to fully cook them to 160°F (71°C) before eating to reduce the risk of foodborne illness (2Trusted Source).

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