Men Get Emotional After Actually Learning How Tampons Work In New TikTok Challenge

Men Get Emotional After Actually Learning How Tampons Work In New TikTok Challenge

TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving as evident in a new viral video in which men learn about the properties of cotton and manage to absorb the most basic understanding about tampons. We know it’s a stretch to ask them to retain any knowledge regarding menstruation, but perhaps TikTok is the perfect vehicle for sexual and reproductive health education. Who knew?

The video, and others in its class, are part of a TikTok challenge in which women ask men to dip an unused tampon into a glass of water to learn how it absorbs menstrual blood. The reactions to the ballooning bullets of cotton are priceless as well as the follow-up questions they spur. Watch some of our favorites below!

As part of a new TikTok trend, women invite their male partners to discover the magic of tampons.


His reaction is priceless???? ##cutecouple ##pregnant ##prego ##viral ##InLove ##couplegoals ##trend ##tampon

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The above TikTok video is fast-approaching 8 million likes and over 30 million views. In the video, a young couple experience a milestone moment in which a woman demonstrates with a water bottle how a tampon works. Stunned, the boyfriend watches in amazement as the cotton expands before indignantly exclaiming, “How am I supposed to compete with that!?”

We don’t know. Maybe read up on the subject?

Men Get Emotional After Actually Learning How Tampons Work In New TikTok Challenge

The comments on the video break down in pretty clear ways with men being completely grossed out and amazed and women cracking up and making jokes.

“Who’s going to tell him about menstrual cups??” one woman quipped.

“Should have put red food coloring, to make it look real,” another joked.

While this is not the first video in the tampon demo trend, it is one of the best. In another TikTok, a man compares a tampon to a ‘vagina parachute.’


Of course I had to make my husband do this! I will forever call tampons “vagina parachutes”! LMAO!! ##tamponchallenge ##husbandpranks ##funny ##fyp

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This video with far fewer views, but still in the millions, captures yet another man completely enthralled by the workings of your everyday stopper. After trying to delay the inevitable by asking his wife if she is going to use it and worrying for the first time in his life about “waste,” we see the husband’s entire worldview change right before our eyes.

“Holy sh*t!” he exclaims, “Is that what it does inside of you!?”

“Yes,” the wife replies.

“Nuh-uh, nuh-uh,” he says in disbelief.

In another TikTok video, one man thought that tampons were inserted by wrapping them around your finger.


showing him how a tampôn works???? @fabioguerrrraa

♬ original sound – Pau Torres 🙂

In the above video, we see young love bloom right in front of our eyes! The young man learns a lot in a matter of seconds as a tampon is dunked into a glass of water right in front of his eyes. Patiently, the woman in the video corrects all his “suspicions” about how a feminine hygiene product works.

Men Get Emotional After Actually Learning How Tampons Work In New TikTok Challenge

Like, she blows a mind here. “Oh! That’s what you have inside of you!?” he asks in astonishment, “This big a** sh*t!?”

“What the f*ck!? You be carrying this inside you? Like all day.”

“Carrying!?” the woman cracks up at the word choice before explaining that tampons actually get changed multiple times a day. At first, we thought this was feigned ignorance on the part of the man here, but woo! we were wrong.

In another video, a tampon demonstration elicits shrieking from an unsuspecting man.


showing my boyfriend how a tampon works ????????❤️ ( @originalisrael ) #comedy #couple #couplegoals #foryou #trend #tiktok

♬ original sound – amani & israel

“Baby, I want to show you how a tampon works today,” a girlfriend says to her boyfriend in this video.

Before precariously dangling a tampon over a glass of water, the girlfriend drops the cotton into the water, followed by an immediate and emphatic response from her boyfriend.

“What the f*ck!?” he shrieks as he witnesses the wonders of water collecting in the fibers of cotton. Just mind-blowing stuff!

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Men Get Emotional After Actually Learning How Tampons Work In New TikTok Challenge


We appreciated the sentiment and that Torres decided to deliver in all caps.

While these TikTok videos are silly, it really is so frustrating that our sexual education does not fully encompass how women’s bodies work. The fact that the young man in that last video refers to the uterus as a “stomach” kind of tells us all we need to know.

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