ANOTHER TikToker Reveals She Notified the FBI to Search Spread Creek After Seeing Gabby Petito’s Van Parked There for SEVERAL Days

Another TikToker has revealed that she may have been the reason why the authorities searched the Spread Creek campsite looking for Gabby Petito. According to Jessica.Over.Yonder, on August 26, she sported Brian Laundrie, but never saw Petito.

In her first of several TikTok videos explaining what she saw on August 26 through the 29th, Jessica watch a man parking a white Ford van with Florida license plates on August 26. She admits that she got a good look at the man who was driving the van because she is a “van lifer” herself and was curious as to whether it was a couple or a single person who was using the van to camp.

Another TikToker Reveals She Saw Brian Laundrie Driving Gabby Petito’s Van the Day Before YouTubers Caught it on Dash Cam.

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“It was a solo dude as far as I could see unless she was in the back,” Jessica admits. “When I pulled up he was driving still and hadn’t yet pulled over. So I was like, ‘Hey, what are you gonna do? Are you going to get over? Are you going to let me pass?”

As Jessica continued, she admitted that the man driving the van never fully pulled over, making it so that she had to take her van off the road because it is only wide enough for one car as she attempted to pass him. This occurred around 8:10 p.m. on August 26, the day after Gabby Petito made her last phone call to her mother.

Jessica admitted that she continued to see the van parked in the spot until the 29th. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, YouTubers Red White and Bethune saw Gabby Petito’s van parked in that same spot on August 27th.

Jessica revealed that it was after she saw that dashcam video and a photo of Brian Laundrie that she contacted the FBI to tell them to search Spread Creek. In her second video, she revealed that she and a group of friends were camping in Spread Creek from August 22 to August 29.

The group also admitted to seeing the van over the course of those three days. Jessica further added that this van in particular stood out to them because it wasn’t parked in a designated camping area.

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And when it comes to Spread Creek, “you’re not supposed to camp outside those designated spots and this van was not in a real spot so I figured they’d get booted by the people who patrol the area. But the van was there for several days and nights and it did not get booted.”

However that’s not the weirdest part, Jessica continued. “The weirdest part about it was that there was no indication that there was anybody actually at the van. Usually, small van people have their doors open, they’re outside, they have a hammock, something. But we didn’t see any signs of actual life at the van.”

Now, this is a very interesting part. In a third video, Jessica talks about the TikToker who picked up Brian Laundrie hitchhiking.

As you may recall, Miranda Baker noted that as they were driving south to Jackson, Brian began freaking out. Miranda admitted she didn’t know why Brian got upset as they drove to Jackson because that’s where he asked to go.

However, as Jessica points out, there are two different ways to get to Jackson. The other way to get to Jackson is through Spread Creek where the van was last seen and spotted by several people including Jessica. Jessica believes Brian may have assumed that was the way Miranda and her boyfriend would go when he asked for the ride.

As of September 21, at 3:00 p.m., Brian Laundrie has still not been located.

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