TikTok’s ‘Milk Crate’ Challenge Has Morphed Into A ‘Gender Reveal’ And Folks Are Not Happy

The Milk Crate Challenge is a new TikTok trend that everyone is jumping onto.

But now (and brace yourself) it is being used as a gender reveal and people are upset.

TikTok's 'Milk Crate' Challenge Has Morphed Into A 'Gender Reveal' And Folks Are Not Happy
Image via Twitter

If you are not sure how to play, the first step is to stack multiple milk crates one by one. The goal is to create a double-sided “staircase” that is similar to a pyramid.

And of course, the next part requires someone recording while the player begins climbing the steps — doing their best to not make it to the top without falling.

You can imagine why it is widely entertaining to watch.

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The challenge has resulted in thousands of videos on social media, and as a result, captured our collective attention.

So without further ado, please view the best example on the internet, above.

In addition, we have also compiled our favorite comments of the clip below. Yup. You’re welcome.

“I don’t understand the crates?! Was he trying to climb a gender mountain? So confused.”

“I don’t get the stupidity. How many people have to injure themselves before these people finally get the message?! Now dad laying on the ground hurt and NOBODY cares all they care about is the ‘boy’ they’re finna have. Then again he knew the risk he was taking so.”

“Spoiler: after the celebration they burnt down half of California with their gender explosion reveals.”

“Welp, dad aint gonna even be able to lift his baby out of the crib for the first 3-6 months so…. was it worth it?”

TikTok's 'Milk Crate' Challenge Has Morphed Into A 'Gender Reveal' And Folks Are Not Happy
Image via Twitter

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“I have now watched this a dozen times—11 times too many tbh—but can’t get over this guy jerking the injured fella up and down like a rag doll. What gives?”

“SCREAMS!! the straights are at it again!”

“It’s a B for broken back!”

“Two points: The bar is really low out here. Let’s all pray for that little baby boy. RIGHT NOW.”

“OK, so everyone can find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl, I want you to risk breaking bones. Sounds legit.”

“Let’s be real here, I’d take this over a forest fire any day.”

“She’s having a boy! He’s having a herniated disc!”

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