Toddler Brings Skeleton BFF Everywhere And It Is Spooky Sweet

Abigail Brody, 27, would have never guessed that her 2-year-old son Theo would become best friends with a plastic skeleton she found in her basement.

Before she knew it, “Benny,” had become her son’s favorite companion and they would take him EVERYWHERE.

After putting her dog in her kennel for their trip to Black Ridge Reservoir in Herriman, Utah, for the day, she was attempting to get Theo settled when she noticed some moisture in the basement.

“I looked and saw that the water heater had broken and was flooding,” she recalls.

And as she was cleaning, she noticed that Theo noticed the plastic skeleton — and the rest was history.

“Once I was done cleaning up the mess he refused to get into the car without it,” she remembers. “So we took it to the reservoir and I decided to make a fun video about it.”

The mom revealed to the Washington Post how she purchased the 5-foot skeleton for $20 at a neighborhood grocery store, thinking it would be a fun decor for the season.

Toddler Brings Skeleton BFF Everywhere And It's Spooky Sweet
Image via Instagram

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“When we put it out last year, Theo hardly noticed because he was only 1,” she shared. But as a toddler, Theo noticed the Halloween decoration and never looked back.

But the story gets better. When they got to the beach, Theo refused to let Brady leave the skeleton in the car.

“So I carried him out to the beach, and we propped him up in the sand,” she recalled.

Brady asked her Instagram followers what they should name the skeleton, as the family now takes him everywhere.

“We’ve even taken him to a wedding,” Brady revealed.

Toddler Brings Skeleton BFF Everywhere And It's Spooky Sweet
Image via Instagram

“I put the skeleton in Theo’s rocking chair, but then I was lying in bed and thought, ‘It’s kind of weird to have a skeleton in my child’s room late at night,’” she said. “So I went in and sneaked it out.”

But Theo caught her and after hearing him cry “Sel-eton! Sel-eton!” the mom said she knew “it was a losing battle.”

The mom soon began capturing sweet moments of Theo and Benny clowning around and has since posted them to Instagram.

She tells CafeMom that she “just couldn’t resist capturing all the cute moments.”

Toddler Brings Skeleton BFF Everywhere And It's Spooky Sweet
Image via Instagram

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That being said, she has had to set some limits on the friendship as of late.

“The other day he really wanted to bring it in the store with us, but I didn’t want to carry it around so it stayed in the car,” she tells us. “The skeleton is currently sitting in the room with us while he plays with toys.”

“He has definitely brought a lot of smiles to people,” she explains. “I hope that it brings people joy and makes them smile. 2020 has been a rough year on everyone.”

You probably are wondering what Theo is going to be for Halloween this year.

“He is going to be a skeleton for Halloween,” his mom says.

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