Smart Toddler Figures Out the Secret to Making Sure Her Mom Doesn’t Leave Her Side While She Naps

Meghety Foudoulian is a mother of two kids under two years old who works from home, so she doesn’t get a lot of time to herself. The little time she does get to herself is often spent napping with her 2-year-old toddler, Abigail – who has figured out the secret to making sure her mother doesn’t leave while she naps.

Foudoulian took to her Instagram account, which boasts 51,000 followers, to share an adorable moment between the mother-daughter duo. In the video, Abigail had just fallen asleep – which is usually when Meghety would sneak out. To prevent that, Abigail fell asleep with her hands on her mother’s cheeks. 

“POV: you made sure mom doesn’t sneak out this time,” Meghety wrote in a text overlay – eye-rolling into the camera as she documented her daughter’s creativity. The video, which was posted on Nov. 13, has been liked by nearly 173,000 people on Instagram and was seen by another 69,000 people on TikTok. 

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Meghety Foudoulian opened up about the viral video in an interview with TODAY, describing herself as ‘eternally nap-trapped’ – though it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, Foudoulian says Abigail used to have no issue sleeping alone in her crib, but things started to change when she had her second child. 

Their son, Luca, was born a few months ago. Ever since then, Abigail has struggled to fall asleep on her own. Meghety and her husband, Daniel, tried a lot of different methods – including letting Abigail cry it out and eventually upgrading the crib to a ‘big girl bed.’ Unfortunately, that only created a new problem. 

With all the extra space Abigail had on her bed, she started to trap her mother into taking naps with her. Meghety would sneak out once her daughter fell asleep, but she started catching on and would take extra measures to ensure her mother didn’t leave – such as putting her hands down her mother’s sleeves. 

When that didn’t work, she started to gently place her hands on her mother’s cheeks – as seen in the viral video. Knowing it was something others would get a kick out of, she decided to document it – and we’re glad she did! Now, Meghety is trying to figure out a new way to escape without her daughter waking up.

Abigail Isn’t a Happy Toddler When She Wakes Up Alone

Meghety Foudoulian eventually manages to escape, but Abigail isn’t a very happy toddler when she wakes up alone. She recalls one nap that saw her daughter wake up every half hour – causing her to have to start the process over again (otherwise, she wouldn’t fall back asleep). Sounds exhausting, right? 

Not just exhausting, but Foudoulian says it results in a lot of wasted time – especially considering she works from home (as does her husband) and they have a newborn to tend to. While her mother helps out as much as possible, Meghety admits her days are long between work, breastfeeding, and forced naps. 

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“It’s just a lot of going up and down and outside and on the laptop and doing all the things,” Meghety said in her recent interview with TODAY. “For this season of our life, I’m just going to go with the flow. I don’t know what’s gonna happen later. But for now, we’re just happy with what’s going on.”

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