Toddler Lets Hilarious Lie Slip At Daycare, Mom Finally Figures Out Why She Keeps Getting Congratulated

One mother recently posted a (hilarious) story to Reddit after she finally discovered why, exactly, her daycare has been congratulating her.

“Over the last week I’ve been receiving a lot of smiles and congratulations. Mostly when I was passing by other parents at our daycare. It was strange, it was nobodies birthday, nothing special. I just let it slide.”

Toddler Lets Lie Slip At Daycare Mom Finally Figures Out Why
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“Until I spoke to the daycare worker today and she told me she was so happy for us. I asked her why and she looked shocked. She told me our daughter had been talking about her little sister in mommies belly. Our daughter told everybody who wanted to hear she was going to be a big sister.”

….so what is the catch you’re probably wondering?

“Problem is: I’m not pregnant. When I asked our daughter about it she said: “yes you are mommy, look at your big belly.” I always thought I had a pretty normal belly, but thanks love.”

Toddler Lets Lie Slip At Daycare Mom Finally Figures Out Why
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The OP ends the story with even more hilarity – if you can believe it!

“She went to my in laws this week so I guess I have to make a call now.”

One person said: “Daycare teacher here. Toddlers especially are huge blabbermouths. Even if the gossip isn’t even true. I’ve heard some hysterical stories. Seriously though, thanks for the laugh. I read that and burst out laughing. My husband asked me what I was doing that was so funny and I read it to him too. He snickered and shook his head. Our kiddo is only 10 months, this is my future.”

Toddler Lets Lie Slip At Daycare Mom Finally Figures Out Why
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While another commented: “My son, 2.5, upon recently learning there’s a baby in mama’s belly, ‘(look of horror) is there a baby in MY BELLY‘ We assured him that only people with the appropriate tackle get babies. He then insisted for a week there were THREE babies in mama’s belly, and I insisted that, no way dude, mama makes the midwife double check for that.”

The OP decided to add a (hilarious) edit after many commenters questioned if she really was pregnant.

“ETA: I see a lot of comments mention that these children are just really expensive pregnancy tests. Luckily nature told me I am not pregnant 3 days later. Last time I was so excited to get my period was when I was 18, I think.”

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