Tori Spelling Addresses Haters After Revealing She’s Been Hospitalized

In a statement she shared with her fans on her personal Instagram account, 90210 star Tori Spelling revealed that she has been hospitalized.

Tori Spelling Addresses Haters After Revealing She’s Been Hospitalized

On her Instagram story, Spelling revealed that she’s been in the hospital since December 20. “To all of you who gaslit me when you were told I [was] too sick to work, well here I am,” she wrote.

Spelling continued by saying that doctors are “running a battery of tests” on her after she began experiencing a myriad of symptoms, including having a “hard time breathing, high blood pressure, and crazy dizziness.” She added that her number one priority is to get better so that she can get home to her five kids she shares with Dean McDermott.

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“How about next time [you] take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness,” Spelling said, addressing the haters. “Remember, for people like me, NOT working is a nightmare. I’m a hustler and a workaholic. I always choose work.”

Since sharing her statement, Spelling hasn’t updated her fans on her status. It’s unclear if Spelling is still in the hospital or not.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Tori Spelling recently opened up about her decision to get her breast implants redone. In an interview with E! News, Spelling revealed that she decided to get her breasts redone at her daughter’s request.

According to Spelling, this was something she needed to do. However, she had been putting it off, until now.

“I got them when I was really young,” Spelling revealed. “And I didn’t know that at a certain point they would have an expiration. I didn’t know that you would have to do it again.”

However, because Tori Spelling has silicone gel-filled implants, the FDA has encouraged women to replace those types of implants because they are more likely to “experience local complications.”

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“For health reasons, it’s way safer at this point to do it,” she said. “Because there’s scar tissue buildup, it puts you out there for having long-term things go wrong in your body.”

Tori Spelling Says Her Daughter Is the Reason Why She Is Getting Her Breasts Redone

This was something she had told her family she needed to do. And as a result, it was actually Tori Spelling’s oldest daughter, Stella, who encouraged her mom to go forward with the surgery. 

“So when [Stella] said, ‘Are you getting it done?’ I was like, you know what, why am I not getting it done? Because my main goal, my kids are my everything. So this year coming up, scheduling that surgery, getting healthy — that is taking the forefront. Because it’s OK to put yourself first. In the end, it is for them, anyway.”

As Spelling continued, she told E! News “it really hit home for me when my daughter came to me and she’s like, ‘Mom, I’m concerned. You have put this off. You told me for years now that you need to get your boobs redone.’”

Spelling is scheduled to receive her surgery on February 27. As People reported, in November, Spelling revealed on Instagram that she was addressing implant probably and hoped to go a little bit bigger.

It’s unclear if her recent health issue is related.

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