This Triplet Had Triplets of Her Own, and Her Story Proves It Does Indeed Take a Village

Judit Minda is a triplet herself, so it came as a shock to her when she found out that she was expecting triplets! The “Triplet with Triplets” social media star has shared her emotional journey with followers from the moment she found out that she’d be a mother of multiples. 

She captioned a sonogram snap shared on Instagram, “This picture was taken of the babies at our third scan. Our second scan was very emotional. Glenn and I went to the doctor’s appointment together to see if our baby was developing fine. Well…it did not take long until the doctor discovered 2 more babies and announced that we were expecting three. Coming out from the doctor’s office I felt a huge panic growing on me and by the time we got to our car I was crying like never before. It took us some time to process the information.”

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Proving that pregnant women are all-powerful, Julie navigated a heart condition and breathing difficulties throughout her pregnancy. On January 29, Judit welcomed babies Filip, Henrik, and Amelia into the world. 

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❤????????????❗Hello World❗????????????❤ Thank you so much for cheering for us and for all the encouragment we have recieved in forms of very kind messages and thoughtful comments sent to our Mommy while she was carrying us. We are doing fine and we have already spent a lot of time cuddling with our parents and aunties. We need to grow, put on some weight, learn to control our pulse, learn to eat both from breast and bottle and keep ourselves on a suffiecient temperatur. ???????????????????????? Much love????????????, Filip Alexander, Amelia Helena and Henrik Mikael . On behalf of Judit and Glenn we would like to say thank you for all the support, love, encouragment, sweet messages, useful informations you shared with us. Thank you for cheering for these three little Miracles. Judit is still feverish and struggle with some post partum issues. She is in great hands, we have been visiting every day and Glenn is staying with her and the babies in the hospital. We want her to take her time to recover and focus on getting better. Until then we are running the account without her (with her permission of course????????????????). Big hugs, Sofia and Szilvia ???????? . . . Thank you Trine-Lise @trlxphotography @trlx for taking our very first photos yesterday. (Annonse) . . . #triplets #trillinger #tripletsofoslo #postpartum #aunties #newfamily #henrik #amelia #filip #nicu #helloworld #nicemeetingyou #thankyou #mommy #daddy #aunties #pregnantwithtriplets #tripletsmom #sisters #siblings #identical #fraternal #ourbabies #tachycardia #sweetbabies #love #blessed

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There’s no doubt that the bond between triplets is forever, as Judit’s sisters, Sofia and Szilvia, stepped in to run her Instagram account while she focused on her new little ones. In a photo of the triplet dream teams, Judit later shared, “Finding out about being pregnant with triplets was the biggest shock of my life and the most unexpected news I could have ever got. It has been an amazing journey and I am so happy and thankful for being able to share it with these two ladies.”

“Having them by my side,” she continues, “has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone! No matter what life will bring I will always have two amazing persons to count on. For no special reason I just want to say thank you to my sisters for all their support and love. I LOVE YOU.”

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‼???????????? 3 months today????????????‼ The babies are 3 months old today and they are doing really good. . In the last 3 months we have turned on the survival mode button. Our days are filled with so much love but they are also often stressful, especially in the late afternoon and evening hours. The babies have had difficulties settling for the night and although we try our best we still often fail calming them down. When their 'witching hours' come we always realize that we do not have enough hands and arms. . In the nights we are still taking turns with Glenn so we both get some undisturbed sleep. Despite our rutine which works good for us we are often very tired and we both have had some mood swings. . The sunny and warmer days have definitely helped me feeling better and being more active. Even on days when I feel extremly exhausted I get out so both the babies and I can enjoy the spring weather. It is still chilly in the mornings in Oslo and getting out of the house with three babies is not easy but definitely worth the effort as they love being outside. . . The babies got weighed on Friday and it is crazy how fast they are growing! Henrik who was our tiniest baby has done a great kob and weighs 50 grams more than Filip who was almost 600 grams more than his little brother at birth. ???????????????????????? Amelia has decided that being difficult to feed is fun and weighs 1,2 kg less than the boys. She will need some extra check ups as she is very tiny but I am hoping she'll follow her brothers footsteps and will change her mind about how eating is unnecessary ????????????. . . . #3months #triplets #crazyride #søsken #brødre #jentami #guttaboys #timeisrunning #trillinger #trillingmamma #tripletsmom #tripletsofinstagram . Tusen takk for de fine antrekkene Lise!

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