Uber Driver Becomes Parents of 3’s Saving Grace After They Get Stuck in a Hospital When Pregnant Mom’s Water Breaks at 23 Weeks

Andrew and Suzanne Boyd were supposed to go on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary on March 16. However, due to COVID-19, their plans and their trips were canceled.

The Boyds are parents of three beautiful little kiddos and Suzanne is currently expecting their fourth child. So when their trip to the Bahamas was canceled, they decided to do a quick family weekend in Florida.


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Shortly after making it to Florida, the soon-to-be family of six spent some time on the beach and enjoyed their mini-vacation together until Suzanne’s water broke at 23 weeks their first night in Florida. “I was very scared. I thought the baby was coming that night and at 23 weeks, that was terrifying,” the mom told People.

“I didn’t know what to do logistically since our three kids were asleep and we had one car. I was devastated to go to the hospital alone and potentially deliver a baby that wouldn’t live.”

Eventually, the family was able to find their barrings after tracking down a friend who lived nearby to watch their three children and borrow their car so that Andrew could meet his wife at the hospital. It was then that Suzanne learned that she would need to be on hospital bed rest until June.


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Uber Driver Helps Family After Pregnant Mom Gets Stuck in Hospital on Vacation

The family then had to find a longterm solution for their three oldest children. As People reports, the couple called Andrew’s parents who traveled to Florida to take them back home to their place in Kansas City. Andrew then started using Uber to run errands for himself and his wife.

Andrew had no idea that using the rideshare app would result in a new friendship that would be everything to him and Suzanne. While taking an Uber to the laundromat, Andrew met a driver named Kristin. And according to People, Andrew stood out to Kristin after he began telling her his and Suzanne’s story.


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“This young man was so impressive, showing such grace under pressure. He never complained or sounded negative. He was just very matter-of-fact about their situation.” In an effort to help the young couple, Kristin told Andrew to call when he was done and she would take him back to the hospital for free.

And when Kristin picked him up again, she just didn’t have her car, but it was filled with snacks and toiletries for Andrew and Suzanne, and then she offered to take him through the Arby’s drive-thru to buy them a meal. Andrew was “blown away” by Kristin’s kindness.


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“I was blown away that she would sacrifice hours of her day for someone she had known for less than 10 minutes,” Andrew told People. “When I found out that she had also gone to the store and bought us bags of essential items, I was speechless. I couldn’t stop smiling. It is by far the nicest thing any stranger has ever done for me. This came at a time in our lives when we really needed a pick-me-up.”

As for Kristin, helping out Andrew and Suzanne was just something she knew she had and wanted to do. “They are in a tiny room in a hospital where they know no one, and their family and friends are halfway across the country. His parents are taking care of their babies, so I thought his parents should know someone is taking care of their baby.”


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And the helping hand didn’t stop there. Kristin has made several more visits to the hospital to make sure Andrew and Suzanne have everything they could need. And each time Kristine stopped by, Suzanne documented the acts of kindness on Tik Tok.

“It has meant the world,” Andrew told People. “All of her gifts have been so thoughtful, but [one with the envelopes, stamps, and cards] stands out the most,” he adds. “It’s very hard being away from [our kids], but this allows us to remain connected in a fun way.”


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And given that her job often connects her with strangers who are in all different stages of life, Kristin says she often tries to help the people she meets given the circumstance they are in and she is in. “I do not plan ahead or think about it in advance, but sometimes things just need to be done,” Kristin said.

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How amazing is that? Thank you for restoring our faith in humanity, Kristin!

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