A UK Mom Threw Her Son a Birthday Party… And Charged Guests $85 to Attend

Throwing a birthday party for a child comes at a cost. A mom in the UK tried to sidestep that burden by charging parents $85 to attend. As you can imagine, her guests were not thrilled by the proposed price of entry.

In addition to charging $85 to go to her son’s go-kart party, she also requested Amazon gift cards. The $85 allegedly covered the cost of transportation and the cost of the venue.

One of the moms who was invited posted on the UK parenting forum Mumsnet asking readers if she was being unreasonable “to think this is really grabby, bordering on cheeky f—ckery.”

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Her post begins: “Ds is at a newish school – he was so happy to have been invited to a karting birthday party – turns out the whole class were invited – details were – the date- the activity-transport provided (it’s a 80 mile round trip) and a request of Amazon vouchers for present. In the last few weeks since they broke up I’ve been updated with further texts from the mother of birthday boy asking for deposits for the karting (£20) and the remainder on the day (£30) THEN that was followed up by a request for £20 for the transport.”

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But wait! There’s more!

“This morning she (in my opinion) has the gall to request we pack a generous picnic with ice packs and pack extra so the birthday boy doesn’t have to bring anything,” the OP continues.


The moms on the forum did not hold back their opinions. “Where do these people get off getting others to fund their child’s Birthday party,” one parent commented. 

Another said, “She essentially wants everyone to pay for her son’s birthday.” 

“No one in their right mind would this,” another mom commented. 

It’s unclear if the original poster attended the party and, if she did, what she paid for the honor of going.


While it is not totally unheard of for parents to ask other parents to chip in for big events, the fact of the matter is that the accumulating costs should have been disclosed up front. And even then… The expectation that people will pay $85 just to attend a school friend’s birthday — not counting gifts, which were also expected — is not exactly reasonable.

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