10 Underrated Kids Shows to Stream Now

It’s completely understandable that screen time has increased in the world of COVID-19, but the entire family may be in need of a little novelty after so much consumption. You’ve likely grown tired of hearing Peppa Pig problem-solve or the PAW Patrol theme song, so we have some fresh new suggestions of underrated kids’ shows for you and your family.

The amount of content available on streaming platforms can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up the most underrated kids shows out there. Read on for both educational and entertaining gems for your littlest audience.

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Sick of PAW Patrol? Here Are 10 Underrated Kids Shows You Can Stream Now

Rob the Robot (Ages 4+)

Rob the Robot is an animated series starring a curious robot named Rob and his friends Ema, TK, and Orbit. Together, the crew learns to problem solve while visiting different planets. Stream now on Amazon Prime.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Ages 7+)

Kids will fall in love with Kipo, a young girl who is searching for her father in a strange new world. Kipo’s diverse crew of friends will keep everyone entertained and the stellar music on this show will make it a hit with parents. Watch it now on Netflix.

The Inbestigators (Ages 8+)

A team of tween investigators take on detective work and solve mysteries in this Australian children’s mockumentary. Available to stream on Netflix.

Brainchild (Ages 7+)

Sneak in an educational series that is also loads of fun. From germs to navigating social media, this sketch show teaches kids about the science of their world. Watch now on Netflix.

Wild Kratts (Ages 5+)

Nature show hosts Chris and Martin Kratt teach kiddos about wildlife and all of the fascinating animals that exist in our world, while also discussing the importance of conservation. Stream on Amazon Prime.

Peg and Cat (Ages 3+)

You can’t go wrong with this sweet animated show about a young girl and her pet cat. The team problem-solves and overcomes together on each episode. We’re partial to Peg’s ukelele skills. Check it out Amazon Prime.

Forky Asks a Question (Ages 4+)

If your child has already asked “why” a hundred times today, introduce them to the most curious fork that ever lived. Forky Asks a Question is an adorable show that covers topics from art to friendship. Check it out now on Disney+.

Super Wings (Ages 3+)

Jet, an adorable jet plane, and his friendly team of planes travel the world to teach kids about multiculturalism. Watch on Amazon Prime.

Shaun the Sheep (Ages 5+)

This British children’s show stars Shaun the Sheep who lives in a barnyard with his friends. The crew is always finding themselves in some sort of trouble, but the farmer remains oblivious to the humanlike features of his flock. Stream this underrated show on Netflix.

Annedroids (Ages 7+)

Anne stars as an 11-year-old scientist who builds robots in her secret junkyard lab. You’ll love the STEM content and kids will love the creative adventures of Anne and her friends. Stream now on Amazon Prime.

Did we forget any favorite underrated kids shows of yours? Let us know in the comments!

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