25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

25 Unique Baby Names for Boys That Start With S

Whittling down the list of the potential baby names you have chosen can be a real task. There are so many excellent baby names out there, how can a parent possibly pick? A good place to begin is with a desired initial. If you, your partner, or a family member has a name beginning with the letter S, that could be the perfect excuse to look at baby names that start with S. Further, you might be having your second child and want to find a baby name that starts with the same letter to compliment it.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting a baby name that starts with S, there are plenty of excellent baby names waiting for you to discover them. Around the world, Simon is one of the most popular baby names for boys that start with S. In the US, you find the elegant Sebastian as a top contender as well. While those names are absolutely marvelous, we want to offer you some unique baby names that start with S for you to consider. After all, variety is the spice of life! Check out these 25 unique baby names for boys that start with S to kickstart your baby-naming journey!

25. Sven

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Sven is an approachable Scandinavian baby name that is actually more popular outside its native Sweden today. In Germany and The Netherlands, Sven is a huge it a top 50 pick for parents last year in both places. Sven has gone virtually unused outside of Europe, but we would not mind hearing here more often. Sven means “youthful.”

24. Sanjay

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

The joyful-sounding name Sanjay enjoys Sanskrit origins that mean “triumphant.” In classic Hindu epics, you will see the name Sanjay belonging to the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra. Despite its completely lovable sound, Sanjay has not yet found a home among many American parents. The name has never appeared in the US top 1000 most popular baby names. Let’s change that!

23. Slate

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Of all the stone baby names like Onyx and Flint, Slate is one of our favorites. We think this one works particularly well thanks to it sounding similar to the established name, Slade. Although Slade has enjoyed mild success in recent years, Slate has yet to follow suit. American pro soccer player Landon Donovan gave this name to his son who was born in 2017.

22. Sesto

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Sesto is one of the zestiest baby names that parents are not using today. Sesto has Latin origins as another form of the name Sextus (which we would not wish on any child who will eventually attend middle school). Sesto simply means “the sixth born,” but you do not need to have five others to justify this name! Live your life!

21. Salem

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Salem can be pronounced SAIL-em or more like the Arabic name Salim, sah-LEM. Salem is a Biblical place name but in Arabic, the name means “safe.” That does not mean that Salem is not a popular name throughout the Arab world! It very much is. However, Salem finally debuted in the top 1000 baby names in the US last year!

20. Simeon

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Simeon is shaping up to be the next Gideon. With Gideon reaching peak ubiquity at the moment, Simeon might be the likely heir. Simeon is a Hebrew baby name that’s popular in Russia. It means “God is listening.” Simon is actually a Greek name that came from the Hebrew one, Simeon. This name has been mildly popular for decades appearing on and off the list through the years but never cracking into the mainstream.

19. Scipio

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Pronounced SIP-ee-oh, Scipio has an extremely zippy and friendly sound to it. The name comes from Latin origins and means “walking stick” or “staff.” A historic Roman general, who is considered one of the greatest military leaders of all time, bore this name. That may or may not appeal to you, but we just wanted to put that out there.

18. Seb

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Most people think Seb is simply a shortened form of Sebastian. While it might be used that way in some cases it’s actually a standalone baby name. Seb has Egyptian origins and means “God if the earth.” With the popularity of Sebastian in recent years this could appeal as an alternative.

17. Stanton

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Stanton was a popular given name for boys from 1880 until 1968. It has not appeared on the top 1000 baby names list since then, which means it’s ripe for a return. Stanton started as an English topographic surname meaning “stony town.” This baby name offers you the opportunity to use the nicknames Stan, Ant, and Ton.

16. Sigmund

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

In Germany, you will hear the name Sigmund pronounced ZEEK-munt. Most English speakers don’t attempt all that and instead just say SIG-mund. We encourage you to march to the beat of your own drum! Sigmund was once a very popular name in the US until it fell off the charts in the 1920s. This appellation with German origins means “victorious protector.” Of all the baby names on this list, Sigmund offers some of the best nickname opportunities with Ziggy, Iggy, Sim, Sid, and more.

15. Sharif

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Egyptian-born actor, Omar Sharif, was an international sensation who starred in such films as Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, and Funny Girl. Sharif is a popular name in Muslim communities as it has ties to the descendants of Muhammad. This Arabic baby name means “the honorable one.”

14. Shaw

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

As Shawn begins to outlive its stay in the US top 1000 baby names, the attractive surname-name Shaw could be an excellent alternative for the right parent. Shaw has English origins and means “dweller in the woods.” Historically, Shaw as a given name has occurred more often in the UK than in the US. It has never appeared in the top 1000 baby names here but we hope that changes!

13. Samo

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

If you absolutely love the name Samuel, name your son Samuel. But, if you would like something with a little more spice, consider the Czech form of Samuel, Samo. The name was famously borne by a 7th century Slavic king. Samuel has Hebrew origins that mean “told by God.” Thus, Samo means the same.

12. Sabin

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

You may be more familiar with the female form of this name, Sabina. However, Sabin which is used fairly commonly in France is an ancient name that belongs to the Sabines who persisted long before the establishment of ancient Rome. The name simply refers to the Sabines who are sometimes called Sabini. This name remains virtually unknown in America so it could be perfect for you!

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11. Sheridan

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Sheridan is a surname-name that has never been exceedingly popular for boys or girls, though it was sparingly used for boys around the turn of the 20th century and girls a century later. We like it for any baby! Sheridan is a name with Irish origins that means “searcher.” It would be perfect for a little adventurer!

10. Shota

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Shota is a high-flying Japanese baby name that most Americans probably do not know yet. Japanese names are formed by separate kanji elements to form the name. Depending on the kanji used, Shota can mean “soaring.” We love the name’s meaning and percussive sound we hope more parents coalesce around this appellation.

9. Silver

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Of all the baby names to emerge in recent years, Steel has been one of the strangest choices to us. Honestly, do you, but we think Steel seems rather cold. For us, we prefer more natural names like Slate (which we shared with you already) and the gentle sound of Silver. Silver was once a popular baby name for boys in the US, landing in the top 1000 baby names list last in 1896. It’s past time for a new Silver rush.

8. Sinclair

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Despite its literary credentials, Sinclair has never been a popular baby name in the US. Neither Sinclair Lewis nor Upton Sinclair propelled this name to popularity in the US. It’s a shame! Sinclair is a gorgeous Scottish place-name that means “from St. Clair.”

7. Spike

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Spike began its use in America in the middle of the last century when others in its class like Buster and Buck were being enjoyed by many families. However, Spike Lee and Spike Jonze have proven that it works great as a given option. Mike Meyers name his son Spike which mean that pair can be referred to as Spike and Mike…

6. Sloan

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Sloan used to be given to more boys than girls but now that’s flipped. We still love the Irish gender-neutral name Sloan for boys. It means “raider.” Sloan feels like a very sleek and cool name that more boys should be getting today.

5. Spruce

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

If you love pine trees consider the endearing nature name Spruce. Spruce names a family of trees, but it also rhymes with the established name Bruce which helps it along. Spruce is a rather new discovery as a name and not many parents have chosen it for their sons yet. We think it has tons of potential.

4. Spiro

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Disgraced former Vice President to Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew has probably scared more people away from this name than we can count. However, it’s been a few decades since Agnew’s downfall which means it could be time to bring it back. Spiro has Latin origins and means “I breath.” How lovely! The name has never been popular in the US and we think you can get away with it!

3. Stefan

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

Stefan is the continental form of Stephen that sounds much classier and way more chic. There’s not a thing wrong with Stephen but it has just become ubiquitous. Stefan feels fresher and it has been mildly popular here in the US since the 1940s. This is probably the most popular name on this list, but that does not mean it’s not unique! Stefan means “garland” and “crown.”

2. Suresh

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

A common epithet for the Hindu deities Indra, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Suresha or it’s more contemporary form, Suresh are beloved in their native India and beyond. Suresh has Sanskrit origins that mean “ruler of the Gods.” Suresh is completely approachable and we hope to hear it called on playgrounds and parks more often.

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1. Sufyan

25 unique baby names for boys that start with s

The name Sufyan will be most recognized as a name belonging to American musician Sufjan Stevens. Sufyan is a wildly popular name around the world. The appellation was borne by Abu Sufyan, a figure from early Islamic history. Outside of the Middle East, the name is having a real moment in the UK today. Sufyan enjoys Arabic origins that mean “slender.”

There you go! We hope you enjoyed our picks of the best unique baby names for boys that start with S. It’s sometimes hard to think of baby names that are not big hits like Scott, Stephen, Shawn, and Samuel. We hope these alternatives inspired you to go with something a little more offbeat but just as lovable. Whatever baby name you ultimately choose, we want you to know we are proud of you! Congrats!

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