30 Cool Video Game Names

Video game culture has exploded in recent years with many people playing games for entertainment and to blow off steam. This means that video game names, which are simply baby names inspired by video game characters, are appealing to more parents than ever before. We’ll look to popular games and beloved characters to inspire this list of video game names for boys and girls!

Some video game names are “gamier” than others and you can choose to pick a subtle one or a more apparent one. It’s totally up to you! We just put that out there to let you know that this list is not just going to be completely nerdy (no, we will not suggest the name Kazooie), instead, we will present you with a mix of video game names that we feel most modern parents would be comfortable giving their newborns. All right! Let’s start this thing!

Get Playful with These Cool Video Game Names for Girls & Boys!

Video Game Names for Boys


30 Cool Video Game Names

Fans of the game Dragon Age should recognize the name, Alistair. This wonderful form of Alexander from Scotland means “defending men.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Where are the Pokemon fans at? Ash is the short form of Satoshi, the master of those little creatures you love. For our purposes, we will look at the English meaning of this name. It can be considered a short form of Asher or simply refer to the “ash tree.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Cortez names a protagonist of the time travel game TimeSplitters. Cortez is a Spanish surname that’s been mildly popular in the US as a given name. This appellation means “courteous.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Dante is a name found in the game Dante’s Inferno, but also the name has been used for a demon hunter in Devil May Cry. Dante is a popular name for boys today and most people will associate with the Florentine poet of the same name instead of a video game. Dante has a Latin root that means “enduring.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Niko is a fabulous name that belongs to a character from Eastern Europe in Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko is a Finnish diminutive form of Nicholas, meaning “defending men.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

A handsome and evocative name, Maximo names a character in Maximo Ghosts of Glory. The name is the Spanish form of the Latin name, Maximus, meaning “greatest.” The name has been a popular choice for baby boys since the early 2000s!


30 Cool Video Game Names

Known for his skills with a sword in Final Fantasy 10, Tidus can really kick some butt. The name is a diminutive form of Titus, a name from Latin that means “honorable title.” Titus with a T is a fairly popular name for boys but you can help your own boy stand out with the Tidus spelling.


30 Cool Video Game Names

One of only two playable characters in Resident Evil 2, Leon was given one of the best video game names! Leon is the Greek form of Leo, meaning “lion.” Today, the name is wildly popular across Europe but only mildly so here in the US.


30 Cool Video Game Names

The main character in Assassin’s Creed, Ezio Auditore da Firenze names the renowned Italian assassin. Ezio is a name that’s used in Italy but it originates from Greek as an appellation that means “eagle.” This name is currently the hottest in France today!


30 Cool Video Game Names

Geralt is an invented name that feels real thanks to its similarity to Gerald. Gerald originated in German and means “ruler with a spear.” Gerald name the main character of The Witcher.


30 Cool Video Game Names

The main character from Jace Bellarine of Magic the Gathering has some telepathic powers that anyone could be enviable of. Jace is a diminutive form of Jason, from Hebrew, meaning “the Lord is salvation.” Jace is tremendously popular for baby boys today. You’ll also find a character with this name in League of Legends.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Corvo is a surname-name, the Portuguese word for “crow,” and the name of the main assassin in the video game series Dishonored. Corvo has an energetic sound which makes it very appealing. The name is not widespread in the US today which would make it one of the most distinct video game names on this list.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Commander Shepard is a character from Mass Effect. We love the name Shepard as do many other new parents as it consistently ranks in the US top 1000 most popular names. Shepard is an English occupational name for a sheep herder.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Blaze is a new favorite name that’s one of the fastest-rising appellations in the US! Perhaps we have Minecraft to thank for the recent surge in popularity for this name? Blaze is an English word name that means “to burn.” It can also be considered a diminutive form of the French surname Blaise, meaning “stammer.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Cecil is a delightful old man name that comes from Latin and means “blind.” For gamers, Cecil Harvey is the main character in the Final Fantasy series. We feel that this rarely used name should make a comeback!

Video Game Names for Girls


30 Cool Video Game Names

Alyx is a fun name from Half Life 2. It’s one of the subtle video game names that most would never came from a game as it’s so similar to the established name Alex. Alyx makes for a good unisex choice for any baby! The name Alex comes from Alexander, a Greek name, that means “defending men.”

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30 Cool Video Game Names

Another A-name with a lot of zip to it is Anya. The name was used for a character in Call of Duty and has gained new attention thanks to rising star Anya Taylor-Joy. Anya is the Slavic/Russian form of Anna, a name from Hebrew that means “grace.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Rayne is a girl’s appellation inspired by the main character of the video game BloodRayne. Outside of the world of gaming, it has a Scandinavian roots meaning “counsel” and “song.” Further, we think this name would also work beautifully for a baby boy.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Zelda is a marvelous, vintage German name, a form of Griselda that means “gray fighting maid.” Zelda is perfect for Nintendo lovers as the name is rather legendary to them. Legend of Zelda is one of the most beloved games of all time and this zesty name would be a great way to celebrate it.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Is Peach too sweet of a name for a little girl? We think it’s genuinely precious. The name belongs to your favorite Princess from the Super Mario franchise. Peach has been sparingly used for girls in the US but we see potential for that to change. This is one of the video game names that will be easily clocked, so be prepared!


30 Cool Video Game Names

For lovers of Resident Evil, consider the name of one of the two main characters: Ada. It’s a no-brainer! Ada comes from German and means “noble.” Ada is on the rise today in the US after falling from favor in the 1980s and 1990s. Welcome back!


30 Cool Video Game Names

Athena names a lead character and a platform game! Athena is a Greek mythology name referring to a goddess of wisdom and warfare Athena means “from Athens.” This delightful name is on the rise today and would be one of the understated video game names on this list!


30 Cool Video Game Names

Ellie names a stubborn but lovable teenager in The Last of Us. Ellie is a diminutive form or nickname for Ellen and Eleanor. The appellation means “shining one.” Ellie is a wildly popular given name today. Your daughter would be in good company with this name.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Jade names the protagonist in Beyond Good and Evil. Jade is one of the best video game names because the character that inspires it is a cunning photojournalist who is so compelling. Jade comes from Spanish and means “stone from the side,” a reference to the precious green stone.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Kairi is the name of the main female character in the popular video game franchise Kingdom Hearts. Kairi is a Japanese name that’s been on the rise for girls in the US since 2010. The name can have different meanings depending on the kanji used to construct it, but most result in the meaning “sea.” Kairi is one of the best video game names on this list!


30 Cool Video Game Names

Remember the protagonist of the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? Navi is a spectacular name from Hebrew that means “to name.” This name is not widely used in the US which would make it one of the most unique video game names on this list.


30 Cool Video Game Names

Known as Rosetta in the Japanese market, Rosaline is a fictional character in the Super Mario franchise. She debuted in Super Mario Galaxy and is a character who watches over the heavens. The name Rosaline originated from Old German and means “pretty rose.”


30 Cool Video Game Names

Vella was once a popular name in the US! Even though it was over 100 years ago, we think Vella still sounds fresh. The name is a Maltese surname but we could not find an available meaning for it! Vella is one of the best video name games because it sounds so similar to Bella but has way more character. Vella Tartine is a resilient character from the Broken Age.


30 Cool Video Game Names

The main character from Final Fantasy X Yuna has a fabulous name. According to Nameberry, Yuna is a romanization of the Japanese word yuna, meaning, “the sea hibiscus.” You will also find this name in Yandere Simulator and Ghost of Tsushima making it one of the most widely-used video game names in actual games!

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30 Cool Video Game Names

Not just a nickname for redheads, Red is an evocative color name. In the game Transistor, a character with the name gets trapped in a rotting digital world. She’s a rather selfless character and we absolutely love the idea of Red as name! This is another name that’s used in several properties making it one of the hottest video game names today!

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these video game names and will consider some of them for your baby on the way. If you love to play, feel free to express your love of games with a baby name. One day, you can likely bond over the game that’s inspired your child’s name. Happy baby name hunting!

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