Newborn Baby Goes Viral After Serving Us the Ultimate Moody Staredown Literally Seconds After Joining the World

Many parents decide to have a birth photographer capture the awe-inspiring moment of a newborn’s first look — and that’s exactly what one family did, but the results were not exactly what they were expecting.

For a little baby born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on February, 13, her look said what many of us feel all too often: over it!

The photographer, Rodrigo Kunstmann, has been in the profession of capturing moments for the past decade, with the last four focusing on birth photos.

During a C-section, he captured the below photo, and it has since gone viral. For obvious reasons… like, don’t we all make this face?

"Hoje é meu parto e nem tenho roupa para esse evento "

Posted by Rodrigo Kunstmann Fotógrafo Profissional on Saturday, February 15, 2020

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Let’s take a closer look at that baby’s grimace, shall we?

Newborn Baby Goes Viral After Serving Us the Ultimate Moody Staredown Literally Seconds After Joining the World

Oh yeah, little one… We feel you. That is a stare!

Kunstmann shared the following when speaking with Crescer, the Brazillian publication:

“She opened her eyes wide and didn’t cry, she made a ‘sulky’ face, her mother gave a kiss, and it was only after they cut the umbilical cord that she started to cry.” Adding, “When I posted it, I thought it would have the potential to become a meme, but it’s always a matter of luck.”

Kunstmann shares how the photo’s popularity has not only changed his career but his life too.

“Childbirth is a unique moment,” he said. “I can only consider myself a blessed person. I feel like a lottery winner.”

And considering how lucky he was to capture an expression like that, we’d say got a lottery winner’s luck, at least.

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