This Viral Pumping Hack May Help You Produce More Milk (and It’s Pretty Cute to Boot!)

Have you heard that pumping is challenging? Probably what feels like a million times, right?! Well, that’s because it’s generally true! Like many challenging things, it’s not that pumping is impossible, it’s just there are many factors that can work against you. Luckily, Johanna Sargeant, a lactation consultant from Switzerland, shared a go-to breast-pumping hack on her Facebook page, Milk and Motherhood, that has since gone viral.

Johanna has the experience to provide helpful tips: Mot only is she a lactation consultant, she’s also mom to a 7-year-old and 4-year-old, so she’s a seasoned pumper. Johanna recalls pumping for twenty minutes after feeding her children and just not getting the milk she needed. The stress of watching and waiting wasn’t helping, so she decided to take control of things and put a baby sock over each bottle. That way, she could relax while pumping rather than becoming stressed about how much milk she was getting.

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Johanna’s Viral Pumping Hack

“Lactation consultants are always advising women to not pay attention to the milk they are pumping, to not watch, that the amount of milk you pump is in no way equal to your supply, so this was a simple way for that to be put into practice,” Johanna explained. “You don’t need to go and buy some fancy new piece of equipment. And baby socks tend to be incredibly cute, which helps!”

Johanna has worked for four years as a breastfeeding consultant and peer supporter, as well as a certified breastfeeding counselor and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.

Since sharing the tip, the post has garnered more than 11,000 likes. 4,000 comments, and 9,000 shares. It went so viral that it was even featured on the Today show!

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What do you make of this viral pumping hack? Do you think it seems like a brilliant idea? Sound off in the comments!

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