Viral TikTok Shows Dad Hilariously Saying Wife ‘Thought She’d Have a Girl One Day’ While Holding 8th Baby Boy

One TikTok dad is going viral after revealing his latest newborn son to his huge family — a little boy who was born a few weeks ago.

But as his most recent TikTok admits — this isn’t the dad’s first rodeo when it comes to being a “boy dad.” The man and his wife have actually welcomed a large brood of boys since they first started their family — even though his wife was positive she would eventually have a girl.

Viral TikTok Shows Dad Hilariously Saying Wife 'Thought She'd Have a Girl One Day' While Holding 8th Baby Boy_4
Image via TikTok

In the clip, which was shared by That_Rosario_Life, the proud dad is seen holding his newborn baby boy.

And while the clip was designed to show off the couple’s newest baby, it also was a fantastic depiction of how as parents, we can sometimes set expectations around gender.

“When your wife thought she’d have a girl one day!” the video caption read, before the couple’s other children started entering the room. And one by one, child after child saunters into the frame.

Viral TikTok Shows Dad Hilariously Saying Wife 'Thought She'd Have a Girl One Day' While Holding 8th Baby Boy
Image via TikTok

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And every time they did, another child waltzed in and was, very clearly, another boy.

Dawning matching blue PJ’s that read “Best Kid Ever,” all of the boys dance to music alongside their dad — excited for their new baby brother.

As we continue watching, it becomes apparent the couple doesn’t have just a couple of boys, but a total of EIGHT boys. Yes, you read that correctly!

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The comments were mostly supportive and hilarious. One user said: “Do you have a GoFundMe for groceries?” one person asked. “You might want to start that now.”

While another commented: “WHEW ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS THEM LITTLE $1400 STIMULUS.”

Be sure to watch the full clip above!

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