30 Elegant Virgo Baby Names That Come with a Serene and Calm Aesthetic

Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy is a challenging task. It’s a decision that will shape their identity and accompany them for the rest of their lives. As such, many parents spend countless hours researching and brainstorming baby names. If you’re expecting a baby and happen to be a Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22) or simply admire the traits associated with this zodiac sign, then you might want to consider a Virgo-inspired name for your little one.

Virgos are known for being practical, analytical, and reliable. They are also detail-oriented, hardworking, and intelligent. These qualities are reflected in the various names associated with the Virgo zodiac sign. In this blog post, we’ll explore 30 unique and beautiful baby names inspired by Virgo. Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your baby’s birthdate or simply love the characteristics associated with this zodiac sign, there’s bound to be a name on this list that resonates with you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks for Virgo baby names!

Virgo Baby Names for Girls


Virgo Baby Names

Greek Virgo translates to “virgin” or “maiden.” That makes names with these meanings great options. Cora comes from the Greek name Kore, meaning “maiden.” Kore was a byname for the goddess Persephone who is viewed as a fertility goddess in the Spring and Summer. Cora is a popular choice today, firmly in the top 100 most popular baby names for girls.


Virgo Baby Names

Wednesday comes from Old English and means “Woden’s Day,” a reference to a pagan god. Virgo is most closely associated with this day of the week, making it a suitable option. The name was already on the rise, but the hit Netflix series of the same name has propelled this appellation to new heights. We expect to land in the top 1000 for the first time in the next couple of years.


Virgo Baby Names

One of the plants associated with this sign is Rosemary. The delicious herb comes from a Latin root that means “dew from the sea.” Rosemary is a name on the rise today. It has climbed into the top 500 most popular appellations for girls.


Virgo Baby Names

Virgo’s constellation depicts a maiden and wheat. That makes the sign align with the Greek goddess of the harvest, Demeter. Due to its prominence in classical mythology, the name is typically taken to mean “earth mother.” This makes the appellation even more fitting, as Virgo’s element is Earth.


Virgo Baby Names

Another reference to the sign’s earth element, Gaia, is the Greek goddess of the earth and universal mother. Thus, this name means “earth mother.” This gorgeous name is still rare in the US, but it has taken off in England, Switzerland, Italy, and Israel.


Virgo Baby Names

Pronounce Ceres like SEER-eez or KEH-ress. We are fond of the latter. This name relates to Virgo’s wheat connection, as Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest. So tied to the wheat identity, Ceres is where the word cereal comes from. Ceres is the Roman counterpart of the Greek Demeter. This name has never been popular in the US, making it such a unique option.


Virgo Baby Names

Augusta hasn’t been popular in the US for over 80 years. That gives this appellation vintage charm and makes it granny-approved. Augusta is the feminine form of Augustus, the name that brings us to the month of August. If your Virgo baby will be born this month, don’t miss an opportunity to go with this delightful name.


Virgo Baby Names

Virginia has seen its least popular years in the US over the past two decades. Now, it ranks just out of the top 500. Virginia relates to the symbol for Virgo, the virgin, as the name means “virginal” and “pure.” You also get the extremely cute and retro nickname Ginny to use alongside this winner.


Virgo Baby Names

In Greek mythology, Astrea was the last immortal to leave Earth for Olympus at the end of the Silver Age. This makes her closely associated with Earth, and according to myth, she became the constellation of Virgo. Astra is a modernized spelling of this appellation that’s also worth considering.


Virgo Baby Names

Sunita is a Hindi and Sanskrit name that means “wise” and “of good character.” Virgos are known for their reliability and stability; these qualities are echoed in this handsome name. Sadly, this name has gone virtually unused in the US.


Virgo Baby Names

Peridot is one of the birthstones for August. If your little Virgo will arrive during this month, consider using it as a name. Peridot originated in Arabic and means “green gemstone.” To nail the pronunciation, say this one like PEH-ree-doe. This appellation is extremely rare in the US.


Virgo Baby Names

Next, we have the birthstone for September. Sapphire is a precious stone with origins in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. The name means “blue.” Sapphire is one of the new crop of gem names that have taken hold. It landed in the top 1000 for the very first time in 2022!


Virgo Baby Names

The colors most closely associated with Virgo are green and brown. This means that names relating to the colors could totally fit. Giada is the Italian form of Jade that refers to the green stone. Jade is great, as well as Jada.


Virgo Baby Names

Brina is a Yiddish name that means “brown,” the other color associated with Virgo and, of course, Earth. Brina has never been widely used in the US, but you will hear it often in Slovenia today. We think it makes for a cute alternative to Gina or Brianna.

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Virgo Baby Names

We’re back to the maiden/virgin theme with the name Imogen which contains a Celtic root that means “maiden.” Imogen has never been a popular option in the US, but it is currently soaring in favor in England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand. Come on, American parents! Let’s make this one a hit!

Virgo Baby Names for Boys


Virgo Baby Names

Valerian names an ancient Roman Emperor and contains a root that means “strength.” The name also belongs to a plant that has been used medicinally for generations. The plant connection is what makes this a Virgo name. Along with Rosemary, Valerian is a plant closely related to the sign. This name has gone virtually unused in the US.


Virgo Baby Names

Dion is a French short form of the Greek name Dionysius. This appellation means “child of heaven and earth.” The element associated with Virgo is Earth, so names with that meaning are going to be a perfect fit. Dion is currently on the rise and it ranks as the 903rd most popular pick for boys in the US.


Virgo Baby Names

Adam is a beloved name of Hebrew origin that means “son of the red earth.” This name has been popular for generations, and it shows no sign of slowing.


Virgo Baby Names

The aster flower is the birth flower for September. If your baby boy arrives that month, why not use it as a name? The English named the flower, but the name comes from Greek and means “star.” Aster is a unisex option, but we especially love it for boys.


Virgo Baby Names

The Virgo sign is so tied to the Earth that the colors most closely associated with it are green and brown. Verdi is a rare Italian name that means “green.” Parents are starting to take notice of the darling name, which works perfectly for boys and girls.


Virgo Baby Names

Bruno is a name of German origin that means “brown.” This charmer is popular in South America and across Europe. It’s been slowly rising in the US in recent years and might tap into the top 500 in the next couple of years.


Virgo Baby Names

Any August-adjacent names that get you to the Gus nickname are winners. Augustine is an English form of Augustus that means “greatest.” This name has been on the rise since 2012, and it currently ranks 623. If you welcome your child in August, you have a prime opportunity.


Virgo Baby Names

The planet Mercury governs Virgo. The planet was named for the Roman messenger god. We realize that Mercury is a larger-than-life name, but with Atlas, Zeus, Apollo, and Thor on the rise today, perhaps there’s room for energetic Mercury.


Virgo Baby Names

Those born under Virgo are typically the most reliable and steady friends anyone could ask for. Alden is an English name that captures some of what makes Virgos so trusted. Its root means “old and wise friend.” It saw its most popular year in the US in 1911but if trends hold, Alden will best that in the next few years.


Virgo Baby Names

We believe the spelling not fitting the pronunciation of this Danish appellation is keeping American parents from it. Kaj rhymes with tie, so say it, kye. We absolutely love this name, but if you’re not ready to correct pronunciation for the rest of your life, we don’t blame you for skipping it. Kaj contains a root that means “earth.”


Virgo Baby Names

Wisdom is an essential characteristic of many Virgos. The name Rainer celebrates this attribute. The appellation means “wise army.” This name has never been popular in the US, but we think it could be!


Virgo Baby Names

You get a two-for-one with the Scottish name Dunham. The name not only sounds stately, but it also relates to Virgo’s color and element. The root of the name means “homestead on the brown hill.” This name is commonly found as a surname but we love it up front.


Virgo Baby Names

Satoshi is a name of Japanese origin that means “wisdom.” Despite being rare in the US, we feel it is accessible enough to gain traction. Isn’t it beautiful?


Virgo Baby Names

Warren has been a mildly popular name in the US since records began in 1880. This gentle appellation comes from English and French and means “keeper of the park.” Any nature-inspired name is going to be a great fit for your Virgo baby.

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Virgo Baby Names

George has been slipping, ever so slightly, in popularity since the 1940s. However, it’s still a top 200 name. It’s one of the English-speaking world’s most beloved appellations. George comes from a Greek root that means “farmer.” Steady, steadfast, and handsome, you can’t go wrong with this one.

There are plenty of beautiful and unique baby names inspired by the Virgo zodiac sign. Whether you choose a name based on its meaning or simply because you love the way it sounds, naming your little one is a special and significant moment. Remember that this is your decision to make, and you should choose a name that you and your partner love and that feels right for your family. We hope that this list of 30 Virgo baby names has given you some inspiration and helped you find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy!

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