25 Pristine Virgo Tattoos for Everyone’s Preferred Perfectionists

It’s Virgo season and we’ve never been more studious! Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22. They are known for being practical, sensible, and loyal. They make excellent friends and partners Virgos are notorious perfectionists and can be meticulous and single-minded in their pursuit of improvement. Perfection isn’t attainable, but their quest for it makes them extremely dedicated to the people in their lives. What does this portend about their tattoo choices?

Virgo is an earth sign which is demonstrated in their practical and logical tendencies. That means, Virgos often choose the most practical tattoo designs and make sure they are immaculately tattooed. Mistakes are not an option! We decided to take a look at the tattoos Virgos are getting these days to discover inspiring designs and trends. Here are 25 Virgo tattoo we think you’ll love.

Flowers and Stars

Virgos seem to favor black ink. It’s something we noticed as we looked through their tattoo choices. So few Virgos get colored ink that it was hard for us to even find examples for this list! This simple, floral and constellation design is a beauty in black.


But, we did manage to find some splashes of color! This hand-poked tattoo is so delicate with vibrant purple and blue ink.


The symbol of Virgo, maiden looks exceptional in this stylish reimagining. Again, we find bold black ink tattooed to look like it was applied by brushstroke.


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Constellations are popular astrology-inspired tattoos. However, you don’t often see an entire night sky accompanying them. This wonderful sunset scene dazzles.

Virgo Queen

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The story of Virgo involves a goddess who visits Earth and seeks the goodness of humankind. She watches and watches, looking for it. This gorgeous tattoo is a beautiful interpretation.


Mandala-inspired tattoos are a very popular trend right now. This individual has chosen to center their design around the symbol of Virgo.

Floral Constellation

Summery flowers look very fine in place of stars in this constellation. This stick and poke tattoo is so small and delicate. It’s the perfect choice for a subtle design.


The person who shared this image explained that this is their first tattoo! A fine premiere, indeed!


How cute will this sparkle constellation look once it’s healed? This is a simple, yet effective way to jazz up a constellation design and give a little more drama.

Cutesie Constellation

When in doubt, get cute little shapes that look like Lucky Charms’ marshmallows. These shapes are so tiny! This definitely took a steady hand.

Healing Vibes

Here, we find a Virgo Earth Goddess. Done beautifully in just black and grey, the dot details are truly remarkable and add so much depth to the design.

She Came to Earth

Check out the dramatic ombre effect of the planet Mercury. Virgo has no face here, but we know she’s watching (and most likely judging).

Very Virgo

Here’s a tattoo all the way from Taiwan. At first, you might not guess that this is a Virgo tattoo, but the artist explained that the faceless person represents Virgo looking to the stars.

Half Sleeve

Okay, Ms. Virgo! This amazing half sleeve tattoo envisions Virgo as a flying goddess. We love the addition of white ink here to make the entire design pop.


It’s a fine, fine, line here! We find the symbol for Virgo centered in an elegant, abstract design. What a wonderful tattoo!

She Sees Stars

Virgo is often pictured looking to the sky, wishing to return to the heavens after being disappointed on Earth. Here, we find her reaching upward to them.

Thoughts of Virgo

What’s on your mind? This constellation and goddess pairing is a winner!


“The acquaintance of a virgin,” the person who shared this image captioned it. Take a look at all those fine lines and dots throughout this design.

In Bloom

A crowned Virgo symbol accompanied by a beautiful flower makes for the perfect shoulder tattoo.

Harvest Maiden

Because Virgo season marks the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest season, she’s often depicted as a harvest maiden.

Lunar Leopard

Check out all the stippling the artist has used to give the leopard and moon their depth. The tidy constellation would be attractive on its own but the moon and cat really jazz it up.


This beautiful Virgo symbol is improved by the addition of a face and floral elements that provide movement. This is a smart design that looks fantastic!

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And Proud

Someone was feeling those Virgo vibes. What a handsome tattoo that honors this person’s Virgo pride.

She Soars

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This is one dedicated Virgo! The tattoo extends across the majority of the torso. We love the delicate feathers of the wings and the ornamentation dangling from them.


Here, we find a vibrant watercolor tattoo of Virgo. The almost abstract design is aided by the splashes of color here. She’s gorgeous!

There you go! 25 Virgo tattoo to celebrate Virgo season! We hope you’re inspired by these designs and will consider getting a tattoo to honor your sign.

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